Wednesday, November 28, 2012

November 29, 2012 Lesson: Conducting an Interview

Essential Question: How do we conduct an interview?

You will be conducting an interview together with your class. Their interviewee is a Senior classmate from Ellsworth High School.

Before you do this, you should look again ( as last night’s homework was to read Springboard pages 56-56) at the following:

  1. Fill-in Columns K and W in the KWL Chart:

Interviewee’s Name:  ________________________________________


K-What I know
W-What I Want to Know
L-What I Learned

  1. Based on what you already know, either from your own knowledge of the person or from what your teacher tells you, make a list of questions that you think might get and keep the interview flowing ( this will be something to do with a coming of age theme ( in high school); getting your driver’s license, our own freshmen year, first dance, high school sports, first job…)
Remember that this is a classmate who has volunteered to help you experience the interview process; please be appropriate. You will only have one question.
  1. Take notes. Include the questions asked and answers given. Time will be given to record Q & A. Think-Pair-Share so that you can capture quotes verbatim, while your partner summarizes important information from the answers. Remember to ask good follow-up questions ( identify in your notes that these are follow-ups).
  2. Thank the interviewee; its difficult being interviewed by so many people.
  3. Fill Column L in the KWL Chart above (At least two things, if not more).
  4. We will return to our own classroom. In pairs share your findings from the interview. Brainstorm and fill a sheet of paper with information from both your memory and notes:
a.       Consider how the interviewee spoke, acted and looked (record)
b.      Consider the setting ( what was the room like with two classes packed in)
c.       Consider how the interview was effected by so many interviewers and so many questions.
d.      What was the significance of what the interviewee shared?
e.       What were the memorable direct and indirect quotes of the interview?

  1. Compete #6 Assessment piece ( Circle one from 1-3):

1.      I learned a lot about the person being interviewed.
2.      I learned some things about the person being interviewed, but I wanted to learn more.
3.      I did not learn very much about the person being interviewed.

  1. Turn to pages 58- 59 in Springboard. Brainstorm  Step 4 for your own interview.
  2. Visit:

 Homework ( for Monday, Dec. 3): Read and complete pages 58-59 in your Springboard text.

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