Sunday, December 2, 2012

December 3, 2012

Due Dates: Mon., Dec. 3: Interview Arranged; Thurs./Fri., Dec. 6/7: Have Interview completed and a draft of presentation completed for in class review; Mon., Dec 10, Final Written Interview Presentation

Today's Agenda:
Review Embedded Assessment
Review Rubric
Review Strategy for Completing a Written Interview Presentation
Review and Practice Sentence Usage
Issue and Begin Reading Of Mice and Men

Essential Question: How do we present our interview?
Remember your interview should include:

  • person’s overall experience during high school
  •  voice and experience of the interviewee
  •  a description of at least once incident from your interviewee’s high school experience that influenced their coming of age
1.       Do a Pre-Write
Drafting-Write a draft of your report
I.                    description of the interviewee in your introductory paragraph ­
II.                  In your body paragraph, summarize the interviewee’s overall experience in high school
III.                Include, at least, one incident in detail
IV.                vivid imagery
V.                  careful diction
VI.                a mix of direct and indirect quotes in order to further establish the interviewee’s voice
VII.              Try to include some sentence variety in  your writing
VIII.            Summarize and paraphrase
IX.                Answer: How might this interviewee’s experiences affect my own future experiences?

2.       Sentence Usage: Periodic, Cumulative and Balanced Sentences
Cumulative- an independent clause followed by several subordinate phrases or clauses that provide details about the subject (person, place, idea).

Example: I took my time, knowing that my father would be waiting outside for me, impatient, perhaps glaring in the dark in his phosphorescent white Navy uniform.
“He dipped his hands in the …solution and shook them---a quick shake, fingers down, like the fingers of a pianist above the keys.”
Katherine chose to stand for the entirety of the interview, even though an offered chair stood empty at her side, perhaps this was even more evidence that this was someone who was so focused on everything she did that even comfort was often overlooked.
1.       __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Periodic- a long and frequently involved sentence in which sense is not completed until its final word is included.
Example: To believe your own thought, to believe that what is true for you in your private heart is true for all me, that is genius.
Both mature and knowledgeable, Katherine has competed academically and is often at the top of her class and will likely see success as an adult.
Traditionally, a higher number of students who have been involved in sports, student government, and clubs have been those that are often accepted to better colleges, say administrators responsible for making those decisions.
Despite the fact that everyone in the class asked at least one question of Katherine, many couldn’t recall the coming of age experiences that she shared.
Obviously, students who get involved early in extra-curricular activities and excel academically will find success, say researchers.
1.       __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Balanced- a sentence made up of two parts that are roughly equal in length, importance, and grammatical structure/ paired construction.

Example: Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country.
We may not have met Katherine before, but we only have to find others like her among the success stories of Ellsworth High School past and present.

Example: if she does well in her science studies, she can likely get into a pre-med program in college.
If she was a first year college student, she could actually do an internship with a medical doctor.
She wished she were able to do an internship with a medical doctor.

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