Monday, December 31, 2012

Coming of Age: Grandfather

     My grandfather bought a 1969 Lincoln Continental in 1972. He purchased it from his mother's next door neighbor for four grand. He took care of it like it was a member of the family. This car is part of American culture related to transportation, style, status, and luxury. Lincoln was a division of Ford that was bought by them in 1922 for eight million dollars. The reason Lincoln was sold to Ford was because it had gone bankrupt earlier that year. 
     When my parents were married, they used the lincoln as a limousine. It was also used in the town's parade. My grandfather's family used it often and loved to show it off. This car was part of "coming of age" for my mom and her brother because it was used in special events. This very special vehicle helped to create many memorable experiences for my grandparents.

Lukas Firestone (Honors Challenge)

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