Monday, December 10, 2012

December 10: Elements of an Argument

December 10, 2012
Essential Question: What are the characteristics of an effective argument?
Elements of Argument
  • the hook---something that grabs the reader attention/makes a connection
  • the claim---the belief---the argument
  • concessions and refutations---restating the opposition’s belief, opposing views, why the writer’s view is more valid
  • support---backing up the argument
  • summary/ a call to action---a closing statement---a final plea for action

Do Now: Look at the following commercials on your laptop at the following url:

Answer the following in response:

  1. What is the argument made in these two videos?
2. What is suggested by Chevy in this commercial?
3. What logic used to present this argument? 
4. What evidence is used to support the claims made?
5. To what extent does this evidence actually support the claim?
6. What holes or flaws can you find within the argument?
7. What errors exist in Chevy’s reasoning?

  1. Elements of Argument
  2. Do-Now
  3. Read pages 65-68, Mark the text, identify elements of argument in the Rosen piece.
  4. Pg. 68 Identify elements of argument.
  5. Look at the transcript of Martin Luther King’s I Have a Dream Speech Match the above elements of argument with details in this speech. Example: What is the hook in this speech? claim, concessions etc. Underline while reading. Mark the text. In your written response, paraphrase, use transition words and the semi-colon as well, in your identification of these elements ( 5 sentences or more).

Using transition words for making an argument
Concessions and refutation in an argumentative essay may use: although, but, by contrast, even though, however, nevertheless, otherwise, yet, rather, still, on the other hand with the semi colon and two independent clauses.

Example: Loosely paraphrased King argues, as a final plea, when freedom is maintained for everyone equally , including “black men and white”, and those of every religion, then truly the work started by the concept set down by the founding fathers of the United States will be achieved. He therefore includes everyone, mankind, as the benefactor of this idea in his message rather than only those who currently support him.

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