Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Coming of Age: Richard

     My father, Richard Young, had coming of age experiences in high school. When he was in high school, he started working on cars. He told me once that when he was in high school he could “take a part a car and put it back together”. He would work on and paint cars in his spare time, and he told me that he worked at a body shop and air brushed cars. This took a lot of hard work and practice for him. He still tells me all the time about him buying his first car and fixing it up It was something he loved to do.
  He then started working at Ellsworth Auto Supply and was a delivery driver there; he would work on people’s cars, and he would work the counter selling items and talking to customers. My uncle worked there to, but he didn’t have as much skill as my dad did. If he hadn’t worked hard to know how to fix a car he would have never gotten that job. My dad has worked at Ellsworth Auto for 23 years, and he now owns the business today. 

Madison Young (Honors Challenge)

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