Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Coming of Age: Albert

       It was a resiliently bright summer day in the year 1950. The sun was shining across the great land of the United States of America. Just finishing his sophomore year of college, Albert Robidoux was feeling very upright that morning. As he opened his mail that he had received, Al was not prepared for the print that he would read. 

      You are hereby ordered for induction into the armed forces of the United States...” His heart dropped, stomach flopped. His entire brain went blank. How could this happen? He thought. Why me? His mind went straight to thinking of things he'd never done. “ There was a chance that I would die in the war...before I ever had any children,”he murmured to himself. He thought this quite a few more times; however, he had a chance to delay the draft.

      As he was a sophomore in college, and he had not completed all of his courses, he had the opportunity to take a test, proving that he was all about getting educated. If he scored high enough, he could finish school, then go into the military. Not wishing to waste anopportunity, he studied hard during the short window of time he was given. The day of the exam rolled by, and Al filled out the work.When the score came out, he had achieved the second highest score of anyone in Worcester, Massachusetts. But as death and taxes, the draft was unavoidable. He was deployed in 1952. Through many twists and turns, being assigned to many different occupations, he served the majority of his time in a French hospital healing people with severe burns on their body.

      Realizing how much of a bullet he'd dodged (both metaphorically and physically), Al realized how much of a gift life was. He wasn't going to let anotherdry moment of life slip by. After he got out of the service, he wassurely made a more adventurous man. 

1.The French flag symbolizes that he was stationed in France.

2.The medical badges ymbolize what his job was. 

3.The Uncle Sam poster symbolizes that before the draft, he may of just thought of it as a poster and a concept that wouldn't affect him, but after, he realized that no man is out of reach of the U.S. Government. 

4.The draft letter is to show what he received, telling him that he would become listed into the ranks.

Noah Robidoux (Honors Challenge) 

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