Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Essential Question: What “advertising techniques” are used in non-print and print ads?

Clarification: After class I thought about our discussion. I miss- spoke in regard to the model from which MLK  framed the beginning of his famous speech. It was the Gettysburg Address rather than the Emancipation Proclamation that was the model for "Five score years age...." . As the Lincoln speech begins "Four Score and Seven Years Ago...".

1. Quiz: Using notes, handouts, and our discussion. Answer the following question in four complete sentences:
What makes Martin Luther King’s I Have a Dream speech an effective argument?

2. In groups of three, you will be examining non-print and print advertisements. Complete the following:
Check as you complete:
______Go to your vocabulary section  of your notebook. 
______Put the terms below and definitions  you create in your own words in your notebook. A triple entry vocabulary journal template can be found on the reverse of this handout for you to use. Only write the word and definition for now. Finish at your convenience  This is for use for studying and accomplishing class work (5-7 minutes).
______Look at one of the non print ads below. Look over the print advertisements made available.
______Answer Part 1 in writing in your Springboard text (pg.69)
______Answer Part 2 in writing in your Springboard text (not the writing prompt) (pg.69-70)
______Read Part 3. Do Part 3 and create a three-minute dramatization that uses two or more advertising appeals. This should attempt to sell one common object you have now in class with you (a pen, backpack, bottle of water etc.).
______Share this at the beginning of next class.  

Terms as they apply to our discussion and work with ads:
advertising techniques (pg. 70)
Bandwagon (pg.71)
Avant-garde (pg.71)
Testimonials (p.71)
Facts and Figures (pg.71)
Transfer (pg. 71)

Non-Print and Print Ads: You will watch one of the following commercial videos as well as examine a number of print advertisements from magazines, periodicals, and catalogues of non-print advertisements for commercial products in your group of three.

Homework: Read page 73. Locate an ad (on your own from the Internet or other sources or from those that we looked at in class) and Do page 74. Bring a copy of the ad or its url address to class for further examination.Read up to page 37 in Of Mice and Men. 

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  1. Everyone was very productive in class today! Good work!!!!