Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Coming of Age: Monica

      Monica stared tediously at the sign up sheets that were carefully pinned on the bulletin board at Cave Hill School. “Which one should should I pick?”, the fifth grader silently murmured to herself. On the left would be the pathway to maintaining the old, to continue the way her life had previously progressed since kindergarten, and being a cheerleader. On the right would be a new, adventurous gateway that beckoned for her engagement, an activity foreign to any of her after school enrollments, including girls' basketball. 

      These were two totally different sports. People who participated in cheering were renown as being snooty, magnetically attracted to social dilemmas, and feminine. The right way of the fork in the road, a new voyage yearned. She would be chanted for by people she previously was on a team with. Theoretically, she would become a more rugged type of human. One not afraid of danger. One not afraid of a ball beinghurled at her about the size of her head. Monica would be a different person. 

     After contemplating for days and days, a decision had finally been made. She would choose the thing that would make her a stronger person.That would make her quicker...would make her faster...make her stronger. Monica chose basketball. 

      It was definitely a change from what she previously indulged in. Leaving cheering behind seemed weird at first, but it was an undeniable fact that she enjoyed the new scenery. As the years rolled by, her skill increased in basketball much more swiftly than her talents were evolving in cheering. This being her freshman year right now, she is on the 9thgrade basketball team. It seems that she thinks that playing b-ball has done her more good than cheering would have. 

Noah Robidoux (Honors Challenge)

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