Tuesday, December 11, 2012

December 11, 2012

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Essential Question: What are the characteristics of an effective argument?

Elements of an Argument
  • the hook---something that grabs the reader’s attention/makes a connection
  • the claim---the belief---the argument
  • concessions---restating the other side of the argument, opposing views, and why your view is better
  • support---backing up the argument
  • summary/a call to action---what is the argument inspiring you to do?---a final plea for action

Today’s Agenda:
  1. Do Now: Go to page 68, Springboard; Identify the elements of argument the writer uses in the “Student Example”. Review as whole group (8 minutes). 
  1. Martin Luther King’s I Have a Dream speech. Martin Luther King - "I have a dream" [1/2] - YouTube

  • Pair up with the person you have recently been working with. 
  • We will watch the speech (subtitles included), and you will follow along with your printed version marking the text ( 8 minutes, 18 seconds).
  • In pairs, scan your “marks” . Re-read, when necessary. Go through the speech with your partner and identify the elements of argument in this speech on the Graphic Organizer provided.
Yesterday, I identified the final plea in our handout. I used paraphrasing to report this element of argument; you will also paraphrase and use direct quotes to do this task.

"Loosely paraphrased King argues, as a final plea, that when freedom is finally realized for all, including "black men and white". and those of every religion, then truly the principles set down by the founding fathers in the Declaration of Independence and Constitution will be achieved. He includes everyone as part of a corrupted system rather than only those who have appeared in support of him at the mall in Washington, DC on August 28, 1963. 

To assist you,  you might adapt the questions listed on the first page of yesterday’s handout ( we answered some of these in response to the Chevy Volt ad). Answering these questions will help to identify the elements of an argument in the speech.
What makes King’s speech an effective argument?

Change: We will complete the "non-print exercise" below, Wednesday, Dec.12 in class instead of today, Dec. 11.

***********Homework: Finish the graphic organizer for the King speech; you will use this for a quick about the elements of argument found in this speech on Wed., Dec. 12. Also, for our block day together, you are to read to page 37 in Of Mice and Men.

  1. Non-Print Ads: Watch the following videos of non-print advertisements for commercial products. Answer the questions in response to your Springboard book on page 69 and 70.

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