Monday, December 17, 2012

Lessons for December 17 and 18: Advertising Techniques and Rhetorical Appeals

December 17, 2012
Essential Question: How do we use rhetoric to persuade an audience? in advertising? in order to argue our point of view?

1.____Get into your group from our last class.

2. ____Read. Think. Respond. Share with your group the following “icebreaker”. Discuss and choose what you think is the most convincing/interesting truth and lie. Share with the whole group (5-7 minutes). 

Today’s icebreaker is called  OneTruth and One Lie.  Each of you think of one truth and a lie about yourself. We will go around the room, listen to each person’s response, and we will come back and judge what is the truth and what is the lie. Suggestion: Playing musical instruments, famous relatives, weird experiences, places you've traveled to... are possibilities.  Usually there is one person that has something that everyone thinks is the lie, and is the truth; or is just outrageous. Whatever you come up with will probably be fine, though.

3.____Answer:What relationship might this have to selling a product?

Mini-Lesson/Review ( 5 minutes )

What rhetorical appeals are you using?
Pathos is a rhetorical appeal to the reader’s or listen’s senses or emotions.
Ethos is a rhetorical appeal that focuses on the character or qualifications of the speaker.
Logos is a rhetorical appeal to reason or logic.

What advertising techniques are you using? bandwagon, avant-garde, testimonials, facts and figures, transfer, and, perhaps, other techniques?

4._____Familiarize yourself with Page 72 again. Have your text open to this page. Respond in writing in the graphic organizer and the margins about each group that presents.

  1. _____In your groups, prepare your 2-3 minute dramatization of a commercial. Make sure you hand-in your storyboard and your written summarization of your presentation to receive a grade at the end of class.

*Homework: Read pages 80,81,82, and 83 in your Springboard text. Create a checklist in your own writing on a separate piece of paper that you will use to complete the Embedded Assessment #2. This should simplify the requirements of the assignment. Use our recent lesson handouts as a model, including the above. This will be checked and graded at the beginning of Wednesday’s class. We will then do the group presentations that you have prepared. Be Ready.
Tuesday, December 18.

Essential Question:How do we use rhetoric to persuade an audience? in advertising? in order to argue our point of view?

Complete ( I will check this work at the beginning of class on Wednesday):
  1. _____Get into your group. Get out last night’s homework and discuss it among yourselves. Assist each other in completing it, if necessary. This is an opportunity to begin planning this Embedded Assessment #2 using all our work on rhetorical appeals and advertising techniques. Your completed presentation on Wednesday will have been a practice for this Embedded Assessment.

2. _____As a group, choose a novel that everyone has read in the group. This novel will be the subject of your embedded assessment. Discuss the book. Look at some of the ads for novels and books amidst the print advertisements we have looked at as well as non-print ads you can look at as a group online.

3._____As a group, choose from the selection of print advertisements (Please gather these and return to substitute teacher before the end of class), or you may find non-print ads online. Each person in the group should complete the graphic organizer on page 74.
  1. _____Read together and complete in each of your Springboard texts pages 77-79.

Homework: Make sure you have completed the assignments above. Practice your presentation for Wednesday. For Thursday, read to page 65 in Of Mice and Men. Go to the (below is the url) discussion and respond. You will need to create a recognizable ( for me ) user name so I can give you credit for your responses. 

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