Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Coming of Age: Heidi

Coming of Age: Heidi

      My mother Heidi has shared that her coming of age object would be getting her driver’s license. Heidi received her license in 1984 as a sophomore at Sumner Memorial High School. Heidi loved getting her license, it meant a lot to her, and she even has some good stories that go with it. She explains to me that when she took her driver’s test in her boyfriend’s sporty Trans Am, the instructor was so very interested in the sports car that he passed her. Heidi also says, “I was a very careful driver, but on the last day of my senior year of high school I received my first ticket for speeding with a car load of girls on the way to school to finish our finals. I have never had a ticket since.” 
      That was a good “Coming of Age” experience, because when she received this ticket this showed her how immature driving has consequences. She learned from that consequence, and she has never got a ticket since. Heidi’s “Coming of Age” experience is that she gained independence and felt more mature like an adult, so she would start acting more like one. 

Brian Awalt (Honors Challenge)

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