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December 13/14: Characteristics of Advertising/ Springboard Text, pages 69-74.

December 13/14: Characteristics of Advertising/ Springboard Text, pages 69-74

Honors Challenge Students should see me about the assignment that is due at the latest on Monday, December 17. If you have not read the assignment. Please do. It can be found here on this blog, December 5, 2012. In sum, you will document objects (material culture) that are connected to coming of age experiences of people outside of school. You will find someone to share their coming of age experience connected with an object ( material culture). Examples to be found in the more elaborate description of the assignment on the December 5 entry on this blog. You will interview them.You will construct a narrative of two paragraphs or more that connects to and explains the significance of this object (material culture). You will include a digital photo for each object which you will submit through email with your narratives: You will do two other narratives connected with objects and the theme of coming of age after the break.

Essential Question: What “advertising techniques” are used in non-print and print ads?

1. _____Do Now ( First 5-7 minutes): Go to page 73. Read through the definitions for rhetoric, pathos, ethos, and logos. Create a triple journal entry for each ( template provided).

  1. _____Watch Rhetoric, Pathos, Ethos, and Logos Video ( 6 minutes):  . Discuss... 

3. _____Get into your group of three. Go through your selection of print ads and find an example of the “rhetorical appeal” that the teacher designates for your group to locate an example of. You might use one of the three non-print ads on yesterday’s handout.

4. _____Answer the question: Why is this ad an example of pathos, ethos, or logos? Each member identify a detail that supports why this is an example of this particular “rhetorical appeal”.

5. Continuation of yesterday’s group work...

_____Springboard, pgs. 71-72, Part 3. Do Part 3 and create a Two to three-minute dramatization that uses two or more advertising appeals (Bandwagon, Testimonials...). This should attempt to sell one common object you have now in class with you (a pen, backpack, bottle of water etc.). All group members participate in the creative process.

____One Member will storyboard the presentation (to turn in).
____One Member will summarize in writing the presentation (include the names of all group members, and turn this in after your presentation to receive a grade). 
____One member will lead or do the actual presentation.
____ While each group presents, each student should fill-out the graphic organizer on page 72, Springboard, in response to the other groups. 

*Non-Print and Print Ads: You will watch one of the following commercial videos as well as examine a number of print advertisements from magazines, periodicals, and catalogues of non-print advertisements for commercial products in your group of three.

Homework: Refine your presentation. Be prepared to present Monday. Go to:  the Team Thunder English discuss ion forum on . Create a user name and password. Log into the discussion forum "Of Mice and Men" ( You can cloick this title once you get to the Team Thunder English forum.  Respond twice or more to the discussion thread to the questions. 

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