Thursday, December 20, 2012

December 20: Work on the Embedded Assessment #2

December 20, 2012
Lesson Plan

Discussion Forum on Of Mice and Men (Click it):

Essential Question: How do we use rhetorical appeals and advertising techniques to sell a product?

Group Work (Same groups): Embedded Assessment #2

_______ In your group, review and discuss the questions in Activity 1.18 in your Springboard text. 

_______Consider the book you have chosen for your embedded assessment assignment. In writing, develop a profile of your target audience

_______Brainstorm a list of the features of Of Mice and Men, or another novel read by everyone within your group, that would appeal to this target audience. This would include:
_____relevance to the lives of your audience
_____good direct quotes and dialogue
_____interesting characters
_____subject matter that might connect to our own time ( text-to-world connections)

______Review Activities 1.16-1.19 ( Makes sure they are completed in your text). Begin thinking of how this product might be presented and which of the following two would most appeal to your target audience. 

  • dramatization of a commercial
  • interview with an author
  • printed advertisement

______Begin drafting your advertisement and your persuasive text by further brainstorming. Be sure that you consider how your ad will use the following in writing:
  • advertising techniques
  • rhetorical appeals
  • the five elements of argumentation

In writing, you should designate a role for each group member. This should include:
  1. ad writer ( What would this group member do?)
  2. script writer (What would this group member do?)
  3. storyboard creator (What would this group member do?)

In writing, define the tasks for each of your group members in order to complete the overall project. Name the group members and what they will do.

HW: Continue reading Of Mice and Men. Finish pages 65-107.

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