Monday, June 3, 2013

Monday, June 3, 2013

Essential Question: What are the essential features of an effective drama and/or dramatic performance?

Read the following thoroughly:

I. Do Now (8 minutes): Write your response to the do-now and your subsequent notebook entry on the back of this handout. Notebook Entry: Identify and explain the following. Specific details are best. Complete sentences are necessary.

1. Identify and explain four ways we have examined drama, Romeo and Juliet, this trimester.

2. Identify and explain four ways in which examining several interpretations of the same literary work, a play, might influence our own present project of performing a play and videotaping it.

II. Group Work: Embedded Assessment: Play Performance

The teacher will be circulating to each group today and request to see some of your videotaped product.

  1. You should be finishing up your videotaping of your play performance at this point.
  2. In editing your video, you should use music, color saturation, instant replay?, accelerated action or slowed down motion, drop in backgrounds and settings, and other tools to make your production more entertaining. 
  3. Remember that your individual grade will be evaluated from the quality of your notebook and your performance.
  4. You should create a notebook entry today and date it. You are documenting what you are doing to complete the play product as well as identifying things that you anticipate doing. The submitted “notebook entries” will be individually graded using the homework/class work rubric and averaged together to arrive at a numerical grade, so do quality work to boost that grade (for example, for today’s do-now).
  5. Write your name, theater company name, and date on all notebook entries.
  6. Always consider your behavior when you are working outside the classroom. Do not interrupt or disrupt other classes. You are working on your projects and not fooling around, as there will be less class time to work on these this week.
  7. Please use your time wisely.

Homework: You are working on this group project and individual notebooks for a Thursday, June 6 deadline. 6th Period has until Friday, June 7th.  

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