Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Essential Question: How have the strategies I have learned this year helped me to be a better reader, writer, speaker, and listener?

Do Now: Part 1: Student Survey (Periods 5,6, & 7) (8 minutes)

Part 2 (8 minutes):

In a notebook entry, think about the play performance you will be presenting next week during our finals day. In addition to showing your polished video presentation to the class and doing a peer review in response to each video, you will write a “metacognitive” essay about your experience with this play project and this year’s curriculum. Yesterday’s and today’s do-now pose questions that might be the core of that writing next week, and you are encouraged to use the answers you have written for these to formulate a better essay next week.

metacognition: the ability to know and be aware of one’s own thought processes; self reflection.

Answer the following:

1. How did you grow or change as a result of our recent play project or any of the other projects that we have worked on this year? Identify several and explain how you might apply that experience to real-life in the future.

2.How have you grown as a speaker, performer, or as a collaborator in a group setting?

3. What future plans do you have for using some of the things that you may have experienced or become better at through this year’s curriculum? 

Example: Through our recent video projects I have learned a lot about using video as a means of expression and sharing. I plan to become better at using some of the tools that I only had time to experiment with or watch others use more effectively than I can now. I plan on making a blog that includes some of my video documentation of different things, including my work on creating an historical ice harvesting event. This included the use of old tools and equipment while demonstrating the individual work involved in this one-time third largest industry of Maine’s past.

II. Last minute checks

  • One copy of your video on more than one group member’s laptop. I have a thumb drive for those who would like to turn in their projects today.
  • There is a list of other things that were on yesterday’s handout that you might review before handing in your video.

III. Baz Luhrmann’s interpretation of Romeo and Juliet (34 or 42 minutes).

While watching the last part of the film you are to identify the use of camera angles and movement, lighting, music, costume and other stylistic devices on the graphic organizer on the back of this handout.

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