Wednesday, April 3, 2013

April 3 Lesson: Creating a Shakespearean Tableau

Posters due today ( on dot-matrix paper---A 1980s collectible!). Those for extra credit (on poster board) can be turned in today or tomorrow (Thurs.).

Essential Question: What are the essential features of an effective drama and/or dramatic performance?

I. Begin Now (10 minutes): 
  • Look at the SIFT chart ( Symbolism---Imagery---Figurative Language---Tone/Theme) at the front of the room. 
  • With a partner re-read Paul Laurence Dunbar's poem “We Wear the Mask” again (page 257, Springboard).
  • Mark the Text in your book underlining/highlighting examples of symbols, Imagery, Figurative Language and Tone/Theme (Identify tone and a theme in the poem).
  • Transfer in writing this information to your SIFT graphic organizer ( One can be found on the other side of this sheet). Explain the examples next to these in the appropriate space provided (Yes, complete sentences would be the way to do that). 
  • We will share your results as a whole group ( Don’t hand this in, as an assessment will be made when we share as a whole group).

II. A tableau is a group of people presenting a striking scene; for example, there was an interesting tableaux at Sturbridge Village ( a museum set in the 1830s) that included women making bread in a kitchen around a fireplace oven.

III. A dramaturge is a professional position within a theatre company that deals mainly with the research and development of plays.

IV. Activity 4.3 Check as you complete each task (Total: 40 minutes ):
  1. _______Create a graphic organizer, such as a word map ( 6 minutes ).
  2. _______On the graphic organizer, write as many words and phrases that come to mind associated with drama ( a three minute write)
  3. Report back to the whole group. What is drama? ( 5 minutes; up to 14 minutes)
  4. “What are the essential features of an effective drama and/or dramatic performance?” Discuss this with your partner and come up with some answers in writing below the work you did on the graphic organizer (6 minutes; that’s 20 minutes). Share as an exit ticket today.
  5. Get into a quiet group of four, and read together the entirety of page 258.
  6. To preview the play, you will be given a yellow card with a name on it and a short description of a character in the play. “Become” the character and work in a group of four to create a tableau in which each of the characters participate in a tableau. This will involve an action involving all four players. Each person will share through body language, hand gestures and minimal speech who they are or who they have “become”  (20 minutes to work on this; after 10 minutes report back)
  7. Begin “e” by reading your card aloud to your group of four. As a collaboration, skim and scan the text, Romeo and Juliet. Share after 5 minutes what you have found about the characters in your group that would help each of you “become” your character.
  8. Read and do number 5 and prepare to do number 6 on page 258. We will practice and present this during our block day. 

Exit Ticket.

Homework: Test corrections due Friday for everyone. Bring your Animal Farm book to class. You should have read chapters 7 & 8. Online Quiz Thurs. /Fri.








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