Monday, April 8, 2013

Make-Up Work: Triple Entry Vocabulary assignment and Animal Farm Questions

Many have not submitted these two assignments:

Triple Entry Vocabulary assignment and Animal Farm Questions

If you haven't already answered the following questions and created a triple entry vocabulary for the words below ( make sure that you do all three columns: the page number for the words for the purpose of “Words in Context” are in parenthesis.

That means three columns for your triple entry vocabulary: Word in Context, Definition, and a Memory Aid (Picture).

Animal Farm Questions:

  1. Describe the pigs as they have come to be on the Jones Farm.
  2. What is the significance of “Beasts of England”. What could you compare this with in our own real world? How might this and its real equivalent be used in a bad way? 
  3. Moses is a raven on the Jones Farm. What does he do? Research “Rasputin” online. Who was he and how does this real person connect to the raven Moses?

  1. ensconced (4)
  2. benevolent (4)
  3. tyranny/tyrannize (9)
  4. infancy (11)
  5. eminent (11)
  6. toiled (27)
  7. shirk (30)
  8. indefatigable (32)
  9. vengeance (42)
  10. menacing (54)


  1. Gunnar Goodrich
    1)The animals have to rebuild the windmill.
    2)Boxer is near his retirement and is beginning to lose his stregnth.
    3)The pigs are living the good life and "APPARENTLY" they sleep in beds.
    4)Moses comes back to animal farm and starts to spread around stories about Sugarcandy Mountian.
    5)Boxer is taken to the glue factory and is killed but Napoleon says that he was taken to the hospital and died in a victorious manner.
    6)For all they know Naploeon's speech about Boxer is true.
    7)They gain a large amount of money by selling Boxer.
    8)When the pigs buy the wiskey the animals figure out what really happened.
    9)They are making all the rest of the animals think that they are better then humans.
    10)All the animals are equal in rights. But some have better benefits in life. For example, Strength, Smarts, Money, Power, ect.

  2. 1.) The animals have to rebuild the windmill, which was knocked down, supposedly, by Snowball.
    2.) The animals are faced with limited food supply.
    3.) While the other animals are working hard, the pigs are using the other animals hard work to their advantage. They have a barley field growing for their beer, and are "living high on the hog."
    4.) Moses returns after being away for about a year. When he returns, he continues to tell stories of Sugar Candy Mountain.
    5.) Boxer get hauled off to the glue factory after sustaining injuries. Naploeon is the one who called the glue factory to have Boxer taken away.
    6.) The other animals think that Boxer was taken to an animal hospital to be taken care of by the best.
    7.) The pigs benefit because they utilize Boxer's saying, "I will work harder" and encourage the other animals to work harder.
    8.) This turns full circle because the pigs are now resorting to human ways and practices, which is originally what they we supposed to avoid.
    9.) The significance is that the pigs are now saying to walk on to legs, like a human, is better than to walk around like an ordinary animal.
    10.) The line at the end of the novel means that though it may seem all animals are equal, some animals have more privileges and benefits than others.