Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Honors Challenge Video Presentation Project

Honors Challenge Video Presentation Project

On May 24 Ellsworth High School will have 8th grade visitors from area schools. In order to give these students a taste of what we study, what we the students think about our studies, in the 9th grade here at Ellsworth, our Honors Challenge students will be teaming up in order to present through video a three minute program sharing our learning experiences with Mathematics, Science, English and US Government here at EHS. 
  • Groups of four Honors challenge students will be organized to work together on a video presentation that they will plan, script, perform, videotape and edit for a showing on May 24. The group of four do not need to be in the same period English class as guided study would be a time to work on this after. Dr. Schmick’s room can also be available for use for this project after school.

  • Students will use the writing process to conceptualize their video presentation about aspects of the curriculum that they enjoyed in one of their core subjects: Math, Science, English and US Government. For example, “I loved our work with the movies of Tim Burton, and we did this....and that.... in our analysis of this particular film director’s style...” Recreating one of the skit/performance activities we did might be a way to illustrate this for your eighth grade audience.

  • Students will receive Honors Challenge credit in English as well as the subject they choose to address in their presentation.

  • Students will work with their English teacher and with the subject teacher of their choice.
  • As there will only be time for one video presentation for each subject, students may be assigned a core subject to focus on, as we are shooting for only four video presentations for a total of 12 minutes showing time.

  • Students are required to include a sound-track, costumes, and use the cinematic techniques, rhetorical devices, and advertising techniques that have been a facet of your ninth grade English curriculum in these video presentations. Remember “Ethos”.

  • The first step in the process of creating these video presentations will be to choose your team members (state the names of these group members in your initial proposal), designate each team member’s function within the group although be aware that this is always to be collaborative team work, and write a proposal of what you intend to do and how you will do it. You will also need to meet with the subject teacher and use some of their insights about how to realize this project in your initial proposal. The proposal is due: April 26, 2013

  • Project progress check-in: April 30. You will need to meet with Dr. Schmick and share your team’s progress on the project. A draft of your script and a working version of the video itself should be part of this check-in on the 30th.

  • Project progress check-in May 7. 

  • Final Recorded Video Presentation is due on May 14. Freshmen Academy teachers will view these after this date in order that any final editing or additions can take place before the our 8th Grade Visitors arrive on May 24.  

This and evolving insights about how to complete this project will be posted on: teamthunderenglishblog.blogspot.com

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