Monday, May 13, 2013

May 13, 2013 Lesson

Learning Map: Romeo and Juliet, Unit 4 Springboard ( Check as we complete each).

Essential Question: What strategies might help us to better understand drama and, specifically, Shakespeare’s plays?

II. Do Now ( 5 minutes to complete a-e): 
Embedded Assessment Requirements: What do we have to do to complete the embedded assessment for Unit 4?
a. ____You have been assigned a scene(s) to interpret, perform, and videotape for a final project. You have chosen three others to create a group of four.
b. ____We will review the criteria for completing this project.
c. ____You will have the first meeting of your theater company. You should get into your group at this time ( quietly). Your first task is to come up with a name for your theater company, and this will appear at the beginning of your video presentation of your scene. Theater Company Name:_______________________________________
d. ____Your second task is to re-read the scene(s) your group has been assigned (quietly and individually).
e.____You are to read through the handouts. As a group decide on who will be the dramaturge, director, and the actors. Familiarize yourselves with the “notebook” required of you. The fourth person in the group will keep a notebook about the process of videotaping your group’s scene.

II. In-Class: Group Work (20 minutes) 
f. ___As a whole group we will read through pages 319-325.

g. ___As a group of four, and after you have familiarized yourselves with the questions to be answered for the various “notebooks” required, come up with a question template for the cinematographer in class today ( create a Pages document with the questions to be answered).

h. Discuss the questions for the “meeting log” for your theater company for today, May 13. In writing, record your group’s responses.
i. Begin the discussion about proposed time periods and settings of your interpretation of this scene.
III. Close Read: Act IV in Zeffirelli’s interpretation of Romeo and Juliet (1:25:00 - 1:51:00 = 25 minutes)
___Complete the graphic organizer for the characters: FRIAR LAWRENCE, LADY AND LORD CAPULET, and JULIET.

(Ongoing) Homework: You will be completing a comparison and contrast essay as previously stated. This will compare and contrast the style devices of Baz Luhrmann and Franco Zeffirelli as well as identify the cinematic techniques used in the two film interpretations of
Romeo and Juliet. We have and will continue to gather notes through completion of graphic organizers in conjunction with the viewing/close reading of the movie(s). you should have created a Pages document for the purpose of writing this essay. On Tuesday, we will work on the essay in class with a review of the introductory paragraph, thesis statement, topic sentences, body paragraphs, and concluding paragraph. This in-class work must be reflected in the essay; don’t ignore this and write something off the top of your head. For homework you can be identify characteristics from both movie versions of the play in complete sentences. If you look at setting, characterization, and costume, what evidence might you supply to distinguish one film from the other? 

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