Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Essential Question: What are the essential features of an effective drama and/or dramatic performance?

I. Do Now (8 minutes): Think about our discussions of interpretations and style in film and literature. Whether it be Tim Burton, Franco Zeffirelli, or Baz Luhrmann, particular choices are made regarding characterization, lighting, setting, and other devices/techniques in films and literature. Identify what is unique about your group’s interpretation of your scene(s) from Romeo and Juliet? How far have you distanced yourself from the original?

  • Your response to this “do-now” should evidence eight minutes worth of writing. 

II. In Class (10 minutes ): Each group member is responsible for a “notebook” for the final project.

  • This should consist of each student’s response to a series of questions or tasks posed in class or as homework.

  • As your first task today, please gather all your responses together that you have completed. Staple these together with today’s do-now. Hand these in at the emnd of class.

III. Notebooks (12 minutes) Staple your responses to the following set of questions for your role to your “notebook.” You can collaborate on these with your group. Date it.

Director’s Notebook:

  • What does a director do? What are you doing as the director?

  • What did your group accomplish so far? What will you do the rest of this week?

  • What lighting or sound effects will you choose for your videotaped scene? Have you thought about a sound track? Which songs?

  • Summarize your plan for the lighting of your scene. What “saturation” or “color” choices can you make with the iMovie tools?

Cinematographer’s Notebook:

  • Are you using title/cast/credits pages in your video product? What will those look like?

  • What problems might you encounter with videoing this scene? How will you solve these problems?

  • Who will make the editing choices? What editing do you anticipate?

  • When do you anticipate videotaping your scene(s)?

  1. Actor’s Notebook

  • Has your group read through your scene(s) from the script your group has prepared?

  • How has your group solved the problem of having three or four people to perform in a scene with more people than that required?

  • In addition to speaking lines, we have talked about non-verbal language. What are some of the notes or instructions you have made in the script in order that the actors can act on cue?

  • Although you may be setting your scene in the modern day, what costume choices have you made, and why?

  1. Dramaturge’s Notebook 

  • What research have you done for this play performance?

  • Make sure you have some type of bibliography of the sources for the information you have researched.

  • How have you solved the problem of getting everyone in your group to participate in the project?

  • Since you need props and costumes for this project, where are they and what are they?

  1. In Class Group Work (30 minutes)

Exit Ticket: What do you plan on accomplishing in class tomorrow?

Homework: The final project for periods 3,5, & 7 is due Thursday, June 6. For period 6, it is due Friday, June 7. You are to put it on a thumb drive and hand it to the teacher so that he can download it into his computer.



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