Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

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Focus on completing any missing assignments you have from before May 1. Get those in.
Essential Question: What are the essential features of an effective drama and/or dramatic performance? 

Do Now: Period 3: Identify, in writing, as a notebook entry for the final project, techniques and effects we have discussed in relationship to creating a movie. Specifically, how will you use these in your videotaped performance of Shakespeare?

Periods 5, 6 & 7: As you know, you are to be creating a notebook as your individual contribution to the project of performing a scene(s) from Romeo and Juliet. You were, as a group, supposed to come up with the requirements specifically for the cinematographer’s ( the person who is in charge of videotaping your play performance) notebook, as this is something your teacher has adopted for this assessment so that we can present videotapes of the performance and also so each of the four individuals in the assigned groups have an individual notebook task; the embedded assessment requirements outline the requirements for only three notebooks: the requirements for the dramaturge’s, the actor’s, and the director’s notebooks are in your Springboard text, pages 321-323 ( review those again, if you haven’t). 

*For the Do-Now, in complete sentences, and in 8 minutes, decide on five tasks to be completed by the cinematographer in taping the play performance and how this will add to the presentation.

Example: The cinematographer ( videographer ), will add interesting lighting effects and color effects using the iMovie software available to them. This may succeed at presenting a desirable mood or tone.

The cinematographer can edit what he/she films; this will allow us to use....in our presentation.

II. Group Work: Individual Notebooks (20 minutes )
Please have your “notebooks” out, as the teacher will be checking these.
Devote this time to discussing and writing in your individual notebooks. The notebooks should include a series of entries over the time that you have worked on this project; you are essentially documenting your work on this project from the eyes of one of the various contributors to such a project in the real world. You should keep these stapled together. You should include in this “packet” of papers the assignments that are specifically related to this notebook requirement of the embedded assessment. This includes today’s do-now, so don’t turn it in, staple it to your other written work that you will hand in on June 6/7, 2013.  

III. Group Work ( 32 minutes ).
  • As a group, complete Springboard pages 308-310, Activity 4.25, but answer the questions and tasks using your assigned scene(s) rather than the ones identified in the activity. Draw the diagrams and graphic organizers and complete them with your scene(s) in mind. You can remove these pages from your Springboard ( only from your own book!) or draw what you need to complete these pages on a piece of loose leaf. Staple this to your notebooks.
Continue the following:
  • You should have a working script.
  • You should have planned costumes and your setting ( and identified these things in your notebooks).
  • You should consider your individual acting performance (s) ( some may have to play more than one role?). What body language, facial expressions, and hand gestures will be part of this performance? Blocking ( that means, have you worked out where people will stand in your video shots and how will they move on and off stage?).
  • Start practicing your scene and working out the details. 
  • You might videotape your first rehearsal and then review it for the sake of understanding what you need to do to improve your performance and the look of your play performance!

  • The comparison and contrast essay is due today. 
  • Final Project (It is due next Thurs./Fri., June 6/7  depending on which day you have block day; time will not be given on that day to work on your project.): You should be working on your play performance. This might be a good time to review the criteria of the embedded assessment, so that we don’t forget that this assignment requires that you complete an individual notebook documenting your role and accomplishments in the group. Make sure that you include the names of your group members in the credits, a title, and an introduction in addition to your videotaped performance. Costumes, props, and script are all necessary elements of this project, and what you did to accomplish these should be documented in your notebooks. 

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