Thursday, May 30, 2013

May 30/31, 2013 Block Days

Essential Question: What are the essential features of an effective drama and/or dramatic performance?

Read the following thoroughly:

Do Now: As there are a number of students who owe assignments from this last trimester, there will be an opportunity in class to make-up several assignments. Below are two quizzes on recent materials; these quiz you on aspects of Unit 4. Please put all of this make-up work on loose leaf paper. Staple pages together, if you need more than one sheet for your response. Write your name, date, and “Make-Up Work” on each sheet you submit. 

Quiz 1 (Each quiz is equivalent to two in-class/ homework assignments):

We have been exploring the essential question above for some weeks. The idea is that every lesson builds upon our knowledge so that we are now more capable of answering this question than we were when we began Unit 4.

In a paragraph of four or more sentences answer this essential question referencing some of the learning strategies we have used and some specific examples from the play interpretations we have close read in order to specifically understand the features of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.

Quiz 2
1. Name and explain what each of your play performance group members are responsible for doing on this project.

2. Explain what is unique about your play performance/ video of a scene(s) from Romeo and Juliet.

3. Identify and explain what knowledge from the Springboard curriculum is going into your play performance. You might identify some of the learning strategies we have used, research we have done together or you have done on your own, and your understanding of style devices, cinematic techniques...etc.

Quiz 3
Part of acting a part is knowing your character. Often we ask what motivates a character to do the things that they do in a performance. Explain in a paragraph for each what the following characters do and why? Read the example and model your response to the following characters after it. 
Example: Lady Capulet is motivated by her love for her only child Juliet. She wants her to marry someone who can provide for her and give her status. She wants Juliet to marry Paris. She believes that Juliet is too young to make the decision of marriage for herself. 

  1. Friar Lawrence
  2. Lord Capulet
Group Work: Embedded Assessment: Play Performance

  1. You should rehearse your scenes several times before you consider videotaping.
  2. Remember that your individual grade will be largely evaluated from the quality of your notebook.
  3. You should create a notebook entry today and date it. You are documenting what you are doing to complete the play product as well as identifying things that you anticipate doing.
  4. Write your name, theater company name, and date on all notebook entries.
  5. Always consider your behavior when you are working outside the classroom. Do not interrupt or disrupt other classes. You are working on your projects and not fooling around. For those not following this direction and requirement for the project group work, they will be penalized.
  6. Please use your time wisely.

Homework: You are working on this group project and individual notebooks for a Thursday, June 6 deadline. 6th Period has until Friday, June 7th.   

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