Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Tuesday, May 14, 2013, Romeo and Juliet

Essential Question: What strategies might help us to better understand drama and, specifically, Shakespeare’s plays?

___1. Do Now (6 minutes): Yesterday, we spoke about the embedded assessment which involves performing a scene from Romeo and Juliet. In accomplishing this, the option has been given for your group to make changes to the script, setting, and costumes. You are, like Luhrmann and Zeffirelli, creating your own interpretation of the scene(s). 
  • In writing, describe in detail the changes your group is going to make? 
  • In this proposal explain what your group intends to do. 

___2. Group Work(14 minutes): In your group, create a detailed storyboard with written captioning to both review your scene or scenes. This visualization will be a starting point for your group. Eight frames would be optimal for this storyboard. A template is provided on the reverse of this handout.
  • How, specifically, will your scene look in your interpretation of it. You will hand this in for approval. At some point soon, we will do another storyboard as your understanding of the scene(s) will evolve.

___3. Read Act V, Pages 268-303 (27 minutes). We will first read the “Act Summary”

___4.Exit Ticket (3 minutes) (Write this at the bottom of your do-now)
  • Identify some of the learning strategies we have used in class today. 
  • What did you learn through these strategies today about the play?

Homework. Come up with an introductory paragraph for your comparison and contrast of Zeffirelli’s and Luhrmann’s comparison and contrast essay. 
  • Write this as a Pages document. Save it. Print it before class. Turn it in Wednesday.
  • This will need to identify the two versions of Romeo and Juliet by name.
  • This will need to include a thesis statement that includes that you are comparing and contrast specifically the “stylistic devices” of the two directors.
  • This will create a generalized statement(s) about the two directors approaches---an approach true to the original medieval setting and another that is set in 21st century America. 
  • Focus on three style devices, as this will allow you to create three body paragraphs about each one. These can be: light, costume, color, costume, setting/scenery, and music/sound. Only choose the ones you can supply supporting evidence from in the movies.

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