Wednesday, March 27, 2013

March 27, 2013

Essential Question: What do we include in a style analysis essay?

I. Do Now (5 minutes): Complete the following analytical statement on this paper. Be prepared to explain your answers. What do you include in reflective commentary?

An explanation of the importance or relevance of your example supports your analysis.”

     Tim Burton, in The Corpse Bride, uses _____________________(cinematic element) in order to 


what purpose). For example _________________________________________

(Provide evidence from the text to support the topic sentence.)




II. Test Review (We will go over this) The test will consist of 25 multiple choice questions with two short reading passages that you will respond to, two writing prompts, and one completion of an analytical statement:

  1. camera angles and shots (Framing/ Angles)
  2. lighting, color, camera movement, music/sound, editing (cinematic elements/techniques)
  3. Tone/Mood may be represented by lighting and sound (Look at p.142)
  4. Style Devices/ Literary elements: tone, mood, diction, imagery, organization [foreshadowing, flashback, back story], syntax, dialogue (if it’s original) & point of view ( page 177).
  5. Film in Context: Authorial Study/ biography/autobiography
  6. Theme Statement ( central message of a literary work), thesis statement, topic sentence, controlling idea (p. 146)
  7. internal and external conflict (p.133)
  8. SIFT (p. 132)
  9. Third person limited and third person omniscient ( p.118-119)
  10. Verbal Irony ( p. 107)
  11. Story diagram: conflict, complications, climax, setting, resolution/denouement,
falling action, theme, characters, exposition [ events that give the reader background information needed to understand a story. During exposition, characters are introduced, setting is described, and the conflict begins to unfold.

  1. Conjunctive Adverbs/ Semi-Colon/ Compound Sentences
I will hand back the 5 sentences you completed in class yesterday. Return them to me when you co incorporate two compound sentences using a conjunctive adverb in your style analysis; I will grade these 5 sentences. In your final draft of your style analysis put these two sentences you have incorporated in it in bold type so that they are easily recognizable to me.

  1. Complete your Animal Farm storyboard for chapters 1-6.

  1. Continue work on your style analysis essay!

  • You will hand in all documents ( drafts that have been marked, and notes from your close readings of the films) with your final draft. Staple it together as a packet with the final draft on top.
  • Have a fellow classmate complete the rubric in response to your paper after they read it ( with your name and their name written clearly on it ).

VI. Read Animal Farm  (p. 59-89 )


Study for Thursday’s test

Finish your essay and put together all the “writing process” documents and staple together as directed.


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