Tuesday, March 26, 2013

March 26 Lesson, Finishing Unit 2, Mini Lesson: Grammar: Conjunctive Adverbs, & Animal Farm

Essential Question: What do we include in a style analysis essay?
I._____Do Now (6 minutes): You need your Springboard text for this. In creating your essays for the embedded assessment assignment you have to consider some of the similarities and differences between the three movies we have been examining. Complete the Venn diagram on page 178. You should focus on the three elements that you are focusing on in your essay.

II. ____Mini Lesson:Grammar(12 minutes): Conjunctive Adverbs

We have worked on compound sentences this year. A compound sentence joins two independent clauses. If you recall we have talked about transition words. A conjunctive adverb can be used in a number of places in a sentences, but, for today, we will practice how you use the conjunctive adverb after the semi-colon in a compound sentence

conjunctive adverb word bank
accordingly,    furthermore,    moreover,       similarly,
     also,           hence,          namely,         still,
     anyway,         however,        nevertheless,   then,
     besides,        incidentally,   next,           thereafter,
     certainly,      indeed,         nonetheless,    therefore,
     consequently,   instead,        now,            thus,
     finally,        likewise,       otherwise,      undoubtedly,
     further,        meanwhile.


1. Charlie Bucket’s home is in a dilapidated building with holes in the roof; similarly, Edward Scissorhands lives in a castle that is virtually in ruins.

2. Willy Wonka’s world is very different from Charlie Bucket’s; specifically, Wonka’s is filled with bright colors and Charlie’s is not.

3. The world of the living in The Corpse Bride is dark and sinister looking; however, the world of the dead is in bright colors. 

Create five statements about Tim Burton’s films in the form of compound sentences that use a conjunctive adverb. 

  • Go to your current essay draft and reconfigure two of your sentences using this form ( you can use sentences that you have just created for this assignment, if you like)! Highlight these sentences with bold type so that I can recognize them when I read the final draft of your essay). 

III. ____ Working in Pairs. Storyboarding Chapters 1-6 in Animal Farm. 

By the end of the exercise, students will be able to summarize the first six chapters of "Animal Farm".
Students should create six storyboard pictures. Each one should represent a chapter of the novel. All of the pictures should be in order. The characters (ie: Napoleon, Boxer, Squealer, Old Major, Mr. Pilkington ...) should be labeled.


Students will identify a quote from each chapter to go along with the pictures.
  • "Man is the only real enemy we have. Remove Man from the scene, and the root cause of hunger and overwork is abolished forever." - Major, Chapter 1.
  • "Nobody stole, nobody grumbled over his rations, the quarrelling and biting and jealousy which had been normal features of life in the old days had almost disappeared." - Chapter 3.
  • "I will work harder!" - Boxer's motto, Chapter 3.
  • "FOUR LEGS GOOD, TWO LEGS BAD." -Maxim devised by Snowball, Chapter 3.
  • "I have no wish to take life, not even human life," repeated Boxer, and his eyes were full of tears." - Chapter 4.

You should have read the first six chapters of the novel "Animal Farm". You must also revisit your understanding of personification.

Homework. 1. Start reviewing Unit 2 in your textbook. 2. Finish your style analysis  essay by Thursday’s class. I will be after school today until 3:30. Let me know whether you will stay after for help. 

*Many have not turned in your triple entry vocabulary or submitted your Animal Farm questions online?

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