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March 25 Lesson

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Essential Questions: What are style devices, and what is their connection to cinematic techniques?

____I. Do Now (8 minutes): Using your notes, create in writing four statements that identify four different and specific style devices and how they are presented through specific cinematic techniques. To understand what is required for these four sentences read the following statements below and model your answers after them ( Do not copy them; come up with your own examples from the Burton films we have seen. There are other style devices and cinematic techniques that you can choose ):

Style Device: Tone---Cinematic Technique: Sound: 
In Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, the tone is surprisingly optimistic among the Buckets, who live in poverty. The tone of Grandpa George is sometimes pessimistic, and this is emphasized by the use of sound, or, rather, lack of sound, when all goes silent for Charlie, and the audience, when Charlie’s dad covers his ears as not to hear Grandpa George sounding off about others who cheat to get the golden ticket.

Style Device: Tone---Cinematic Technique:Music: 
In Charlie..., the lyrics to the music numbers performed by the Oompa Loopas also set the tone of character Willy’s opinion about the golden ticket winners’ greed and bad behavior; these lyrics are scolding in nature. The fact that song requires a particular syntax makes this also a  style device that works in conjunction with tone.

Style Device: Mood---Cinematic Technique Lighting:
Lighting, or lack of lighting, is used by Burton to present a bleak and depressing mood; the decrepit appearance of the Bucket’s home is heightened by the dark shadows within.

Style Device: Mood---Cinematic Technique: Color: 
Color presents the mood in Burton’s works. The bright, technicolor of Willy Wonka’s candy land contrasts with the gray and black of Charlie’s end of town and his home. 

Style Device: Diction---Cinematic Technique: Sound:
Edward is a man-child of few words; his few words emphasizes his disconnect with many of the other characters. He says little, but those that listen understand his goodness.

Style Device: Imagery---Cinematic Techniques: Color and Lighting:
The imagery of Edward’s castle home, Charlie’s home and the land of the living in The Corpse Bride is rooted in old horror movies. Burton’s use of grays and dark shadows emphasize the grotesque nature of the characters and the depressing setting.

_____II. Outlining Your Style Analysis Essay  
        The work of film director Tim Burton has become recognizable to many movie goers. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Edward Scissorhands and The Corpse Bride bare the stamp of Burton’s style which is exaggeratedly eerie and disturbing, It often has friendly monsters  and magical circumstances in addition to often grotesque characters. Tim Burton achieves a stylized mood, tone, imagery and point of view in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Edward Scissorhands and The Corpse Bride through the use of a variety of well-chosen cinematic techniques.

The bold type above identifies a thesis statement in this model introductory paragraph. In addition to a thesis statement you also have to introduce your subject matter. Look over the other sentences in this paragraph. What could you include in your introductory paragraph.

Outline: Fill this in. Read page 179-180 in Springboard
Thesis Statement: __________________________________________________

First Body Paragraph (Topic Sentence and 3 or more other sentences)
A Topic Sentence ( It is best to put this in the form of a question and then answer that question in three sentences or more. Since you are writing about three or more style devices in three Burton movies you will need at least three sentences in addition to your topic sentence. __________________________________________________

Second Body Paragraph (Topic Sentence and 3 or more other sentences):

Third Body Paragraph (Topic Sentence and 3 or more other sentences):

Concluding Paragraph (4 or more sentences) (  Create a statement that sums up Tim Burton’s style then detail in a summarizing statements the content of your three body paragraphs in at east three sentences (Read Springboard page 180). 

______III. Revise your essay. Exchange your essay with a partner. Complete the rubric provided during Thurs./Fri.’s class. Staple this draft and rubric to the other materials that have been part of the “writing process” for this style analysis essay.

Homework ( Watch Big Fish on your own, if you desire). 
  • If you haven’t, you need to do the Animal Farm questions on the website by clicking “comment” at the end of March 22’s entry and typing your answers there.
  • Revise your essay based on today’s completion of the essay. Essay due at the beginning of Thurs./Fri. class ( 10 points off, if not completed by this time)Review pages 181-183 and make sure your essay followings these steps and meets the requirements of the rubric.   

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