Friday, March 1, 2013

Missing Assignment Make-ups

Students who want to improve their grade or to make-up missed assignments have the option of doing the following assignments. These assignments are to be handed in and not emailed.

1. Direct and indirect quotes. Write five examples of each using content taken from a David Letterman interview with Joachim Phoenix ( online).

2. Internal and external conflict. Describe with specific examples from one of our readings these two types of conflict.

3. Create 10 sentences regarding the theme of the loss of childhood innocence in The Catcher of the Rye.

4.Create ten sentences identifying the use of symbolism in the novel The Catcher in the Rye. Find specific details, quote them, and incorporate these into your response.

5.Choose five characters from the novel Of Mice and Men. Describe these characters and their actions in three or more sentences each. 

6. ( Worth 2 assignments ). Complete a metacognitive writing piece in response to our recent dramatization of “The Stolen Party.” It will follow the parameters of a four-paragraph essay with an introduction, body paragraphs, and a concluding paragraph. You should reflect on your group’s and your own thinking n response to the recent dramatization project. What were you hoping to achieve in this creative piece? Include ideas about how you might make this better had you the opportunity to do it again. Identify the steps you would make in order to complete a similar project in the future. Include details that were required of this dramatization project in your reflections.

7.Create a “Story diagram” for The Catcher in the Rye. A graphic organizer template for this purpose can be found on page 121 in Springboard. Use this to create your own on a piece of paper. Fill it in.

8. (Worth two assignments): Complete a metacognitive writing piece about your experience with the Springboard curriculum. Think about Unit 1 and 2. What tools have you been introduced to that would ideally deepen your understanding of texts? Identify some of these tools. How are these effective or not effective for your own style of learning? Identify some of the lessons that are most memorable to you and how they have contributed to your understanding.

9. (Worth 2 assignments): Explain in writing the figurative language used in the poem “A Poison Tree” on page 92 in Springboard. What do you believe the poem is about? Use details quoted from the text to evidence the points you make. Should be three paragraphs or more.

10. Using the following vocabulary words from our classroom word wall, and the grammar rules regarding the use of the semi-colon with independent clauses as well as the additional use of transitional words and phrases create 10 sentences.

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