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February 28 & March 1: Block Days, Cinematic Techniques, Works Cited, and Animal Farm.

February 28 & March 1: Block Days, Cinematic Techniques, Works Cited, and Animal Farm.

Make sure you have your laptop today, or you can share with someone.

Essential Question: What connections are there between an author’s choice of literary techniques and a director’s choice of cinematic (movie) techniques? 

*The two groups that have not presented their dramatizations must videotape their work and submit it to me via email by Monday, March 4.

I.Do Now:  
How do we do a bibliography “works cited” entry for information sources we get from the Internet? Examine the following MLA Style “Works cited” and the explanation below. Construct proper MLA works cited entries, like those below, for your the Internet sources you located for last night’s homework assignment.


1.       All Allergy. 2002. Web. 17 May 2006. < >."Californium [7440-71-3]." Database and Internet Searching. 2004.

2.     CambridgeSoft. Web. 12 June 2006. <>.

 3.     COPIA: The American Center for Wine, Food & the Arts. Winter 2006. COPIA. Web. 17 May 2006 <

4. Lanham, Howard G. American Military Patches, Other Insignia and Decorations of World War Two. Web. 17 May 2006 <>.

*Each of the above “works cited” include:
a. the publisher, source or author of the information
b. the access source: the “Web”.
c. the date you found the information.
d. the url address.

Research Topics from last night’s homework

1.___________Review page 145, Activity 2.17

2.___________Answer the questions on page 146, Activity 2.18.

3.___________Groups form who share a common research topic. In your group combine your information and create a short presentation using the template on page 151 to limit your presentation to.

4.___________while you listen to each presentation, other than your own, take notes using the template provided on page 152 (Activity 2.18).

5.___________Read page 154-155. Mark the text. Fill-in the template on page 153 and 155 in which you will describe both mood and tone. 

III. We will look at two videos as further introduction to Animal Farm. Watch the following video and answer the following questions. Write your answers on the the sheet of paper you used for your do now. 

a. Create a works cited entry for each of the videos we have viewed.

b. Summarize the events that led up to the Russian Revolution.

3. What dis Czar Nicholas II and his government do to incite the Russian Revolution?

1.Who was Leon Trotsky, Vladimir Lenin, and Josef Stalin?

2.Who was Karl Marx?

3.What is Russification? What is to Anglicize?

4.What do farms have to do with the communism?

5.What were some of the things identified in the videos that went wrong with the communist vision for Russia?

6.What role did the First World War play in the Russian Revolution?

7.If Animal Farm is a political satire ( a literary work holding up human vices and follies to ridicule or scorn ) and that their is a connection to the Russian Revolution, what do you infer the farm and the animals represent in the novel?

8. Why do you think there is a long standing conflict or tension between Russia and the USA that begins with the Russian Revolution? What is Russia’s point of view and what is America’s point of view in regard to this? 

*Finish these questions for homework.

Homework: Read Chapters 1 & 2 of Animal Farm. Visit the blog: and use the hot link provided to navigate to a discussion board. Once there, respond to my question and then a fellow classmates response. Extra credit will be granted to additional responses to the two that are required. These responses should be treated like a quiz question, so you need complete sentences and include specific details ( in this case, about Animal Farm).    

Extra Credit: Using the “word wall” choose 10 words and use them correctly in a sentence for each. Pay attention to grammar and punctuation. Use of compound and complex sentences will have greater value than simple sentences ( Limited to 30 words or three missing assignments ).

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