Friday, February 15, 2013

Feb. 14/15, Block Day, Point of View

Essential Question: How does the author’s choice of point of view influence our understanding of events, characters, and themes?

Do Now: Write a description of yourself from the point of view of someone other than yourself. 

For example: 
I see a tasty morsel that might go well with some fava beans and a nice chianti ( a cannibal).

Sitting in the room this girl is entirely consumed by her own thoughts about what she is going to do this coming Saturday “... have to meet her in front of the Majestic at 10, but if I’m late her mom said she would wait for me...but my mom said we’ll see, as she has lots of errands to do with my sister Jane and I in the car... [she thinks]. And Dr. Schmick walks over towards her, as he knows that she is not paying attention. “Dr. Schmick is going to see that I am playing Mine Craft", [thinks Michael, who is also in the class]. “He is always bothering me” [thinks Michael]. “Michael put that away”, says Dr. Schmick to Michael. “Tap Tap Tap", a bird on the window sill interjects (anthropomorphism?).

Check as we complete:


2. _______Write name and book number on paper that is circulating. Put the novel we just finished in the box. 

3._______Review page 121 Springboard, Activity 2.13

Points of View:

  1. First Person---The narrator is a character in the story and refers to himself or herself
    as “I”.

  1. Third-Person Omniscient (“God’s Eye View”)---This type of narrator is not a character , but is all-knowing and is able to recount the background and inside thoughts and feelings  of any character.

  1. Third-Person Limited---like the omniscient narrator, this narrator is not a character    
     in the story, but rather provides the reader the inside thoughts of only one character,
     and none of the thoughts of any of the other characters.

4._______Do Activity 2.12, pages 118-119 in Springboard. 

  1. _______In pairs, examine the story “The Stolen Party.” Identify two examples of point 
                  of view to share with the whole group. 

What benefits and limitations are there with each of the types of narration?
  1. _________In pairs, examine your assigned “chunk” of “The Stolen Party” and transform the point of view. So if the passages you have are in first person you might transform it into Third-Person Omniscient. What will be added to the narrative as a result?

“That witch Senora Ines, and to think that Momma was right about rich people like Senora.” I will only stand here and look at this women who has stolen this party from me; the best day I can remember ever. “Ah-ha, this will be a hard lesson for Rosaura to swallow, but I told the blockhead how these rich people operate, and I’ll take that 20 dollars, if i don’t say so myself....monkeys, yo-yos, and bracelets it’s all a load of malarkey ( American saying, origin unknown, means "insincere or foolish talk")...did I say malarkey... ei...yi...yi...I am becoming less and less like a Latina every day with expressions like this. I must of heard it on my soap [soap opera on television]. 

Hand out Animal Farm, by George Orwell

Have a good vacation! 

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