Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tuesday, February 26, 2013 English Lesson: Cinematic Techniques

I. Essential Question: What connections are there between an author’s choice of literary techniques and a director’s choices of cinematic techniques?   

II. Do Now(5 minutes): Answer in writing: What are your favorite types of movies. Explain why. List some titles.

*Remaining groups do their dramatizations?

III. Test Corrections?

IV. Review of Terms:

Internal conflict occurs when a character struggles between opposing needs or desires or emotions within his or her own mind.

External conflict occurs when a character struggles against an outside force. This force may be another character, a societal expectation, or something in the physical world.

V. Continuation of Activity 2.15 & 2.16 (pages 134-139)(15 minutes). Activity 2.15, Part 1 (pgs. 134-136)

Check out this YouTube video for further enlightenment about cinematic techniques; this will help with the following exercise:

What to do? :

1.____Read through the cinematic techniques. Underline key points for each term.

In groups of three, experience the following:

2.____Roll up a piece of paper. Simulate a long shot. What is its use?

3.____Reduce your paper lens to simulate a medium shot.

4.____Reduce your “lens’ again for the purpose of a close-up.

5.____Experiment further with camera angles and camera movements with your “paper lens”.

6.____Create a triple entry vocabulary template on dot-matrix or loose-leaf paper. The most important frame (the 3rd box on the right) will be a picture of how the “shot” would look. 

7. Only do this for “Shots and Framing”, “Camera Angles”, and “Camera Movements”.

8.Maybe, pick a scene from “The Stolen Party” and illustrate it using the various camera shots, framing, angles and movements ( how will you illustrate movement?---try dotted lines ------) (15 terms). Or go online and find examples of these techniques to draw from to illustrate the terms.

*Each student is responsible for doing a triple entry vocabulary for the 15 terms: “Shot” thru “Boom/Crane” We will have a quiz on these terms Wednesday, and you can use this reference (the triple vocabulary of your own making) to complete this quiz.

a.______Read the “Learning Focus” on page 142.

b. ______Complete Activity 2.17

VI. Homework: Read Animal Farm, pgs. V-XXVII.

a. Textbook Check will be ongoing. ( I am checking: pgs. 89, 90, 91, 92, Mark the text, 94, Mark the text/Notes, 104, 105, 106, 107, Mark the text 110-115), 118-119, 121.

*For extra credit ( Honors must do) (worth 2 assignments), make a collage that is made up of pictures from magazines ( these would be from advertisements). Glue the cut-out pictures onto a piece of construction paper. Find pictures that illustrate “shots and framing”, “camera angles”, and “camera movement”.  Label and caption them ( explain what the picture cut-out exemplifies). Make this presentable. 

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