Friday, February 1, 2013

Honor's Challenge: Mom and Dad

I talked with my dad about some things that he felt helped him grow up, and he had nothing but stories to tell. Stories about him and his brothers. He told me that the number one thing he thought brought him out of childhood into young adulthood was his first gun. With this gun he said that for the first time he was able to be part of his brothers’ and his father’s world when they went out hunting together. He also said that this was a big factor in what helped him go from a boy to a man. 

After I talked to my dad, I consulted my mom on this topic. My mom also has a lot of stories and tales about all of her adventures, but she said without the one thing she felt helped her she would not have been able to have these stories, her bike. She said that being a young teen that was not allowed to drive but still having the ability to ride her bike to a friend’s house or downtown to the store was the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Olivia Colby  

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