Monday, February 4, 2013

Monday, February 4 Lesson

Essential Question: How do authors use specific techniques to achieve a desired effect?
Do Now:
  • Have your Springboard text on your desk. 
  • Get into your group of three (it’s posted on the whiteboard).
  • We have been working on activities that will help us to answer the essential question. Identify two examples of the use of story elements in one or both of the Poe short stories we have read. You don’t need to write it, if you prefer. You will share it with the whole group (3 minutes). Think-Stand-Share as a whole group (3 minutes).

Group Work (Keep this handout for Wednesday’s class!): 

______Assign the following roles to group members: artist, writer, and reporter. You will all collaborate on the group work. 

______Listen to  the reading of “The Stolen Party”. Mark the text as the teacher reads. Underline examples of story elements ( a list exists on page 105 of your Springboard test).

______Re-read the story in your group. Share how you visualize the characters, setting and story with your group. Make notes on this in your textbook margins.

______Answer the following as a group. Write the answers in the “My Notes” section of your textbook or a separate piece of paper that you staple to pages 110-115.You will use your answers to guide your group work on Wednesday. It will be checked. (20 minutes).

1.______Answer: What is the conflict between mother and daughter?

2.______Answer: What is Rosaura’s attitude?

3.______Answer: What are some other conflicts in the story?

4.______Answer: What are Rosaura’s reactions to the things?

5.______Answer: what are some specific passages that convey Rosaura’s feelings. Mark these in the text with underlining and a label.

6.______Answer: There is a theme of good versus evil in “The Cask of Amontillado”. How is that theme developed in this story?

Homework: Read page 117, Springboard. Explain in a paragraph how you visualize (sketch and write a paragraph about) Rosaura, Senora Ines, and Rosaura’s mother, Herminia.

Exit Ticket: Write your first name on the Post It. When called upon, rate your contribution to your group work on the scale from 0-100.  

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