Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Feb. 5, 6, & 7: Dramatization Project, "The Stolen Party."

Essential Question: How do we visualize in order to deepen our understanding of a text?

Do Now: Get into groups of three. We have recently answered the essential question in regard to two Poe stories we read. Think and identify to share with the whole group an example of a story element, specifically setting, characterization, climax, conflict or theme used in “The Stolen Party”. State the story element and identify an example of it. ROUND ROBIN (5 minutes).

Procedure ( Check each as you complete them):

1._____Get into your group of three. Remember who is the artist, writer and reporter. 

2._____ DISCUSS and VISUALIZE the final scene from the short story “The Stolen Party” , by Liliana Heker with your group. Share your homework: A written paragraph and sketch  describing your visualization of Rosaura, Senora Ines, and Rosaura’s mother, Herminia.  Choose the best information from your homework and use that to answer Question 4A (Three CHARACTERIZATIONS) (10 minutes).

The reporter will report back to the whole group (15 minutes)

3._____Visualize the final scene of “The Stolen Party” on paper.
Also, create a follow-up scene of your own design that takes the story further ( WRITTEN SUMMARY, “WRITER” TEMPLATE, and completed STORYBOARDs for both).

4._____CREATE a dramatization of these TWO scenes using the STORYBOARD template and the WRITER template (complete sentences)(15 minutes).


  1. _______Three CHARACTERIZATIONS( Senora Ines, Rosaura, and Herminia) in the final scene of “The Stolen Party” (you did this; hand this in). 
b. _______Written DIALOGUE (your script): Who says what and when? Keep this, as you need it for your group to do your drama. Each person should have their own copy ( Large index card provided).
c._______LIGHTING considerations in a presentation (mood).For “lighting” consider the use of window shades and the room lights.
d. _______PROPS made of paper alone. (DESCRIBE in writing). 
e. _______CHOREOGRAPHY. Visualizing where the characters will deliver the dialogue and how they will be situated in the scene(s) (SKETCH).

There “are specific techniques to achieve a desired effect (Springboard 85)”.

Students will practice and perform the two scenes on Thursday/Friday. 

All group members will participate in the dramatization.

On Thursday/Friday, 
  • one group member will narrate, 
  • all group members will perform 
  • At the end of the performance, one group member will share details about three story elements (rising action, climax, falling action and resolution?)and three cinematic techniques (choreography, lighting, and props) that went into their dramatization of the two scenes.   

5._____Exit Ticket: Write your first name on the Post-It. Rate your contribution to the group work today on a scale from 0-100. Place your marker on the scale drawn on the whiteboard when called upon. Tell the class one reason why you deserve this score. 

Homework: Refine your specific work further on this project for a Thursday/Friday practice and  Monday presentation. Finish reading The Catcher in the Rye this week. Finish reading Stargirl this week.  


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