Friday, February 1, 2013

Coming of Age: Heidi

I interviewed my mother Heidi one last time for her best “Coming Of Age” experience. She says, “My best and most meaningful “Coming Of Age” experience is definitely my children.” Heidi’s first born was Alissa, second Dillon, and third was me (Brian). When she had her first child she told me she gained a lot of maturity, and she knew she was going to have a lot responsibility on her shoulders. She gained more maturity and responsibility when she had Dillon and then me. 

Heidi really was working hard when she married Bill Connell, and he had three kids so she was taking care of a family of eight for quite a while. She worked so hard for all of us and provided like a good mother does. She did this for 7 years until Heidi and Bill divorced, because you know things happen. The thing that was good about that whole marriage was that is where Heidi really had to step up and be the adult and take care of us, and she did very well at that task. 

Heidi is a great mother, and I really can truly say she is the only mother I could ask for. I think the best “Coming Of Age” experience Heidi has gotten from her children is that she really became responsible and a great protector like a momma bear should be.

Brian Awalt 

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