Friday, February 1, 2013

Coming of Age: Heidi

I interviewed my mother Heidi again and she stated another great achievement that has to do with “Coming Of Age” is her class ring. Heidi graduated in 1986 from Sumner Memorial High School with her grades being about Bs and Cs. Although these are not the grades that she could have had if she really applied herself, she explained to me how it still meant a lot to graduate. She said “I felt a lot more mature when I graduated because I knew this was a big step in my life as I began to mature into the adult I am today. 

She told me how her whole family was there at her graduation ceremony, and it meant a lot to her having such a great family to support her in this great achievement. One more thing Heidi said was “Although I didn’t get the best grades that I could have got, I still hung in there and did my work as I should. I did not give up, but I stayed with the program and got to graduate with my class, which did mean a lot. I would say Heidi’s biggest “Coming Of Age” experience with this class ring is that it shows that she has graduated and is going into her adulthood to really mature as a person.

Brian Awalt

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