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February 26, 2013 Lesson

Essential Question: How do directors use cinematic techniques to achieve special effects?

I. Do Now (5 minutes): Read the definitions for the terms: internal and external conflict below. Identify an example of each from our recent readings. Identify the story your example comes from in your written answer ( the do-now will be collected ).

II. _____Test corrections are due by Friday. They will not be accepted after Friday

(5 Minutes) Model Student Answers to Test Questions: [The Catcher in the Rye Test] Quotes:

“At one point, Holden wakes up Phoebe and tells her that he wants to be a “catcher in the rye.” He wants to “protect them from from falling off a cliff, as he said. This really symbolizes that he wants to protect children from the pains of growing up, and protect their innocence.”

“Holden Caulfield says this too, in regards to him being drunk and feeling like he was shot. This could be his Peter Pan complex, how when you’re a kid you think everybody will drop everything to help you. In this case, Jane would drop everything to help Holden, or it could also be childhood vs. adulthood for the same reason.”

“Holden is the one talking about the fish. In relationship to the novel it means that Holden wants (in my opinion) the children to be protected and not left stranded, like he thinks the fish are in the winter. Some figurative language is this quote is where he says “mother Nature’d take care of you.” The figurative language that is there is where he “Nature’d” and when he says “you” instead of the fish. I think this is more symbolism.

“This quote is said by Holden when he was at the museum where he used to go when he was younger. This quote could easily symbolize Holden’s want for everything to remain as it is, like keeping his childhood innocence.”

Model Short Answer: [Stargirl]

“A lot has happened in here. In the beginning Stargirl walked around the cafeteria, strumming along to her ukulele and singing. Leo and Kevin gave each other a high five when Kevin suggested putting her on the “Hot Seat.” Hillari Kimball also yelled at Stargirl the day before her birthday to not sing happy birthday to her.”


Internal conflict occurs when a character struggles between opposing needs or desires or emotions within his or her own mind.

External conflict occurs when a character struggles against an outside force. This force may be another character, a societal expectation, or something in the physical world.

Activity 2.15 & 2.16 (pages 134-139)(15 minutes). 
2.15, Part 1 (pgs. 134-136)

1.____Read through the cinematic techniques. Underline key points for each term.

In pairs, experience the following:

2.____Roll up a piece of paper. Simulate a long shot. What is its use?

3.____Reduce your paper lens to simulate a medium shot.

4.____Reduce your “lens’ again for the purpose of a close-up.

____Experiment further with camera angles and camera movements with your “paper lens”.

____***Create a triple entry vocabulary template on the dot-matrix or loose-leaf paper. The most important frame (the 3rd box on the right) will be a picture of how the “shot” would look. Only do this for “Shots and Framing”, “Camera Angles”, and “Camera Movements”.

Check out this YouTube video for further enlightenment about 
cinematic techniques.

An approach to this might be to pick a scene from “The Stolen Party” and manipulate it with shots, framing, angles and movements ( how will you illustrate movement?---try dotted lines ------) (15 terms). Or go online and find examples of these techniques to draw from to illustrate the terms.

We will do this in groups of three. Each person in the group is responsible for researching 5 terms. WE WILL JIGSAW. When you finish your research, you will go to another group and share your terms. People will continue to circulate until everyone has completed all fifteen terms. you will turn this in for credit at the end of class (even if you haven’t finished).

Exit Ticket: Rating our group performance. 

****For extra credit ( Honors must do) (worth 2 assignments), make a collage that is made up of pictures from magazines ( these would be from advertisements). Glue the cut-out pictures onto a piece of construction paper. Find pictures that illustrate “shots and framing”, “camera angles”, and “camera movement”.  Label and caption them ( explain what the picture cut-out exemplifies). Make this presentable. Moving Ahead: On Tuesday, we will read pages 142-145.

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