Friday, March 8, 2013

March 7/8, 2013 Lesson, Block Day

Essential Question: How do media producers use cinematic techniques to achieve special effects?

I. Do Now: Quiz. Write answers on the paper provided. Answer the following questions in complete sentences:

1. Identify two things that led to the Russian Revolution.

2. Who were Leon Trotsky, Vladimir Lenin, and Josef Stalin, and, specifically, what were the accomplishments of two of these?

3. Who was Karl Marx, and what were some of his ideas that influenced the Russian Revolution?

4. If Animal Farm is a political satire and there is a connection to the Russian Revolution, what do the farm and animals represent specifically?

5. What did farms in Russia have to do with the Russian Revolution?

II. Group Work

Final Product: A written presentation of how you would create your chosen scene from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory using your group’s selection of cinematic techniques. Each group member is responsible for writing what their contribution to each of the cinematic techniques would be if they were the Director, Cameraman or Actor. These three pieces of writing are to be done collaboratively in the group and submitted together with the group’s name (Group A...) and the name of each group member (Yesterday’s handout might help you).

III. Writing Workshop
Considering the writing exercise you have just done, think about the cinematic technique choices that Tim Burton uses in the film Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. These cinematic technique choices have come to be identified with the style of this director.

  1. Make a list of ten or more choices made in the film Charlie... that we have identified as particular to tone and mood. Look at page 158 for a reference.
  2. In order to create an effective draft, you will need a thesis to provide focus for your essay.

A thesis statement has two purposes: to express a central opinion to be proven and to provide direction as to how the writer intends to show or develop the opinion. An effective thesis should include an opinion to be proven; it is not a fact.

Generate a working thesis statement, a one-sentence statement that expresses the point you will make about the subject of your essay.

Subject: How does Tim Burton use stylistic techniques in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to achieve a particular mood and tone?

Fill-in the blanks:

Tim Burton is able to achieve a pervading ______________and ________________in the movie

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with a variety of well-chosen _________________________.

These ______________________include the particulars of _____________________, 

____________________________, __________________________that present a world that is 


Create 4 sentences in total for your introductory paragraph. Identify in your introduction what Tim Burton’s work looks like. Identify what 3 cinematic techniques you will examine that contribute to a particular mood and tone. What is that mood and tone? The three cinematic techniques will be the focus of three topic sentence and, hence, three body paragraphs for an essay. 
Formulate your three topic sentences in the form of a question that you will answer thoroughly in the body paragraph it introduces.

Preliminary Outline
1. Introductory Paragraph


1. Body Paragraph I
Topic Sentence: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

2. Body Paragraph II
Topic Sentence:

3. Body Paragraph III
Topic Sentence:

4. Concluding Paragraph
Restate the thesis statement and summarize the key points you have made in the 3 body paragraph.

Homework: Take your outline with thesis and topic sentence and create a rough draft. 


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