Friday, January 4, 2013

Discussion Board: Four Responses to Of Mice and Men

For those of you who frequent Infinite Campus, the scores for the previously assigned online discussion board responses are in the process of being posted. If you haven't yet responded, there is still a window of opportunity to get them in. After the scores for your class have been posted on Infinite Campus, there will be no late responses accepted. The four responses will count as a single quiz grade. We will be using the discussion board soon with our next novel. There will be new guidelines regarding your future responses, as we have not used this wonderful media tool to its full potential yet. Stay tuned!

The following is the description of the assignment as it was explained in class and as it currently appears on your Infinite Campus:       

"In examining the novel  Of Mice and Men, students were to visit the online discussion board set up at the following url address: They were to either respond to the comments made by the teacher about various story elements of the novel, respond to the comments of their fellow students, or begin their own topic in response to the novel. Each student was responsible for creating four responses.Because this is the initial assignment with this media tool there are no requirements for the length of their responses. Each response will be scored with the homework/class work rubric ( the new 2013 homework/classwork rubric can be found on the class blog site:" 

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