Tuesday, January 29, 2013

January 29, 2013

Check as you complete the following:

Essential Question: How do authors use specific techniques to achieve a desired effect?
_____Do Now: We have been discussing “revenge” in recent days. Share in writing a time when you or others you know sought out revenge for some minor slight, but there was no positive end to the circumstances. What was the outcome? How might you respond to a situation like this, if you had to do it all over gain?

_____Watch, take note and discuss the beginning of the movie The Cask of Amontillado (8 minutes ). 

Think-Pair-Share ( 5 minutes ) In pairs discuss the following:

1. How does the dramatization present the “carnival”, Fortunato, and Montresor’s plan and lure of Fortunato to the crypt entrance ( share details of the characterization and setting)?

How does this differ from your reading of the beginning of the short story?

You will share your answers with the whole group. 

Read/ Mark the Text/ “The Cask of Amontillado”, by Edgar Allan Poe

_____Look at page 105 ( last night’s homework). While we read, in addition to marking the text with underlines, ?, !, and the like, write in the margin brief notes about the following ( these will be pointed out as we read): 

a. setting
b. rising action (complications)
c. climax
d. falling action
e. denouement (resolution)
f. characterization
g. conflicts (struggles or problems)
h. Point of View ( the perspective)
i. Verbal Irony ( when a speaker says one thing while meaning another)
j. foreshadowing (hints or clues to suggest future action)
k. motif ( a recurring image, symbol, theme, character type, subject, or narrative detail)

_____Re-group with your Think-Pair-Share partner and do Activity 2.5 (page 104) 

_____Complete the writing prompt (a creative writing piece) in class on your own and on a separate piece of paper. 

____Review page 105 Terms. Review  “Story Diagram” (last night’s homework)
Homework: To help with our understanding of Edgar Allan Poe, read the attached “The Tell-Tale Heart.” Many have read this before, but you are older and your reading might reveal things you didn’t see before!

Create a story board that depicts scenes that are similar between the two Poe stories we are looking at and scenes that are different. You could do this with two sets of two boxes. Label them. Be prepared to share.

You will identify in class on Wednesday similarities and differences between the content and the style of the stories. 

Read to page 135 in The Catcher in the Rye for Thurs./Fri.
Read to page 105 in Stargirl for Thurs./Fri.

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