Tuesday, January 8, 2013

January 8: In class Ad Campaign Workshop

Essential Question: How are we showing in our ad campaigns that we understand and can demonstrate the use of the information we have covered in Unit 1 of the Springboard text?

Do Now: 
Everyone respond to the following four questions. Keep in mind time, you need to also work on your projects today. 

Write the questions and your answers on your laptop ( you can copy and paste the questions from our blog site

Your answers will be the nucleus of your  4-paragraph type-written summarization, that provides the details about your two projects and what you intended. That is due on Wednesday. A reflective analysis about your projects will be worked on and finished Thursday/Friday in class.

Thinking about these now will help your final work on both. 

 ******Think about what you have accomplished recently on your print ad, interview presentation, and/or ad presentation?

1. Have you read all the directions thoroughly? Is there anything you don’t understand? How might not reading the directions for this project and in general have bad consequences?

2. Have you incorporated an image from the novel in your two projects ( You were to have both an image of the novel itself from the front and back but also an image or series of images that share some small sub-story about the novel) ?? 

3. This should only be to get your audience interested in the novel rather than telling them the entire story. Briefly explain the image:

Think about yesterday’s question: What rhetorical appeal ( pathos, logos, or ethos) is connected to this image and what advertising techniques were used by you? Maybe, include something about this in your answer today.

4. Look at the print ads we created for Gary Soto’s poem “Oranges” on the walls. These are truly original as they were inspired by the poem rather than taken from some other poster or ad that someone else made. Think about what “copyright” means? Is your print ad or ad presentation a collection of other people’s advertising of either the novel or the movie Of Mice and Men

Explain how your projects are original works rather than a collection of someone else’s. Are your slogans, testimonials, and imagery of your own making? 

*****Due Dates:

Wednesday, January 9 you will share your ad campaign that consists of two projects. Make sure that you have emailed me your ad presentation via email ( rschmick@rsu24.org) so that I can show these in Wednesday’s class with your name as the title of the attachment and email. Include your group members names. Your group will introduce the project before we show it, so prepare a little oral introduction that includes the names of your group members.

Wednesday, January 9 you will also turn in a four paragraph summarization about your two projects. Today’s “do now” will help you get started on that.

Thursday/ Friday: we will have an in-class writing workshop on a reflective analysis of your ad campaign. Bring your laptops so that you can write, edit, and print this in class. You will hand it in. There is no reason you can’t get started with that now.

Do your best!

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