Monday, January 28, 2013

Mon., Jan.28, 2013: Revenge Quotes, Visualizing "A Poison Tree", Review Act. 2.4 (Weekend Homework), and View Film

Monday, January 28, 2013

1. Do Now (5 minutes):
     We read page 90.  We partnered and did a Think-Pair-Share. We completed Activity 2.2 “Revenge Quotations” (“An Eye for an Eye”) in Springboard. We completed the Writing Prompt on page 91 ( A Paragraph).
     Go to page 90. Use your book. Choose two of the quotes (identify them by who said them, example: “the Gandhi quote”...)

____Give an interpretation of two of the quotes in writing, complete sentences. ____Give a reason for agreement or disagreement for each, complete sentence(s).

2. Review/Complete Activity 2.3 “ A Poison Tree”, by William Blake
_____We read the entire poem,
_____We marked the text,
_____We highlighted or underlined the different choices the speaker in the poem makes about revenge
_____We located the speaker’s shift in attitude and marked it with a star in our book.
_____We described the attitude of the speaker in different places in the poem in the margin on page 92.

_____How does the poem end? Read your paraphrase for the last two lines that you wrote somewhere on page 92.

_____Visualize the increment ( two lines or a stanza “chunk”)  assigned to your pair on a piece of paper.

_____Create images that reflect important themes or ideas ( liken this to the images you create for triple vocabulary.

_____We will present a “modern version” of each stanza on a big piece of paper for the front of the room(that means you will combine your group of two with another group of two to do this at your desks and then tape these on the front white board in a sequential order.

3. In-Class: Review Activity 2.4 (page 94 Springboard) vocabulary in the textbook.

___ In-Class: *Watch and Discuss the beginning of the movie The Cask of Amontillado (8 minutes ). This will only be shown to the point when the characters enter the crypt.

___In-Class:Read/ Mark the Text/ “The Cask of Amontillado”, by Edgar Allan Poe

___In Class: Do Activity 2.5 (page 104) Think-Pair-Share. Do the writing individually. Complete the writing prompt.

HW: Read page 105. Complete “Story Diagram” on page 106 for in-class discussion and review.

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