Wednesday, January 2, 2013

January 2 Lesson

January 2, 2013

Happy New Year!

Essential Question: What can we use from the novel OF MICE AND MEN for our ad campaign?

Do Now: Get into the assigned group of three. Read through the group roles (Literature Circle---Handouts---Discussion Director, Summarizer and Art Director) for this activity that will have you examine specific pages from the novel and respond to them.

Homework: Springboard text check this week ( Activity 1.14-1.19, pgs. 56-79). Re-read Embedded Assessment. By the end of the class, Thurs./Fri., typed rough draft on paper describing the two media genres you have designed for this project. Make sure that you include rhetorical appeals and advertising appeals in them.

Mini Lesson: How to use the group work to its full potential? How do we do the lierature circle.

Group Work; In groups of three, the literature circle tasks will be completed. The group is to generate the content for each of the tasks. Each person will have the role of recording the group’s findings as Discussion Director, Art Director and Summarizer. After 15 minutes switch the role papers and each will continue with that role until the end of class. I will collect these in keep them in class for further use. 

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