Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Of Mice and Men Literature Circle: Discussion Director

Novel_________________________________Author_____________Pages: 74, 76, 91, 96, 104-107
Discussion Director
Essential Question: What can we use from the novel for an ad campaign?
Group Members_________________________________
Discussion Director: You lead the discussion about the above passages/pages, but everyone in the group is responsible for the content of what you write on this sheet. Fill-up the front and back ( or staple additional pages )with information from your group discussion (the goal is at least 10 questions with multiple answers), as you can refer back to this for the project development period. The purpose of this discussion is to get your group talking about the novel. To get your group thinking about choices for graphic images, samplings of dialogue, characterization that could be used in your ad campaign for the novel. Usually the best discussion questions come from your thoughts, feelings and concerns as you read, which you can list below during or after you reread the designated passages. In addition, you might use the sample questions to explore ideas that don’t initially come up in your group discussion. Finally, give your best answer to the essential question.
Possible discussion questions or topics for today:

2. ______________________________________________________________________________




Sample Questions:   
Why would someone say that this novel presents the extremes of friendship?
How did you feel while reading this novel, and can that be presented towards the end of selling it?
List reasons why you believe this novel has continued to stay in print since 1937?
If you were in charge of creating a Hollywood film adaptation of this movie, who would you cast as Lennie and George? Who would play Curly and his wife? other characters? Why?
What is important about the setting of the novel?
Is this truly an American story? Why would someone argue this?
Some may argue that this is a novel about the American worker and his/her survival?
What is the importance of dreams in this novel? How does this connect to the American dream?
Why did this novel have to end as it did?
Why are Curly’s wife, Lennie, George, and Crooks alike?
On page 68, we see how Crooks sees the world, how does that compare to Lennie and George? To Curly?
What are the mice, rabbits, dogs, and chickens symbolic of for Lennie?
Why is George such a good friend to Lennie?
Discussion Highlights that could contribute to our Ad Campaign:


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