Thursday, January 24, 2013

January 24, Block Day, Quiz, Finish Unit 2 Overview Poster, and Revenge Quotations.

January 24/25, 2013

Essential Question: What knowledge must you have to succeed on the embedded assessment in Unit 2?

I.  Do Now: Quiz on Reading

II. Finish posters 

*Make sure you turn in your own rough draft of a Poster for Unit 2

Include these features in your rough draft and your Final Poster ( an example on the whiteboard). 


1. ____Essential Questions: 1. How do authors and directors use specific techniques to achieve a desired effect? 2. What are the essential features of an effective style analysis?

2. ____Wow! Things that I think might be interesting to read, see, and examine in Unit 2

3. ____Whoa! Things I am not sure about, and that might be a bit of a challenge.

4.____Embedded Assessment #2: You should review the “assignment” of “Writing a Style Analysis” on page 181 in Springboard. What do I have to do, and what do I have to present in this assessment?

5. _____What is the Theme of Unit 2 ( this should be the title/at the top of the poster)?

6. ______What are some of the concepts we will explore in this unit ( Look at the vocabulary words for this unit that you were to define)? foreshadowing, irony, motif.... What else?

7. ______How does the content of Unit 2 connect to “College Readiness ( what are some of concepts in Unit 2 that might prepare you for college level work}” ( writing a style analysis, examining film...).
8.______Who are the guys on the back of yesterday's handout? How do they fit into Unit 2? Maybe create a caricature of them.

Make it colorful.

III. Read page 90. Think-Pair-Share. Complete Activity 2.2 “Revenge Quotations” inn your text. Complete the Writing Prompt on page 91 ( A Paragraph).

We will review. 

IV.  Activity 2.3 “ A Poison Tree”, by William Blake Checklist:

1. ____Chunk poem by stanza. 

2.____In pairs, read the entire poem. 

3. ____mark the text

4.____Highlight or underline the different choices the speaker makes about revenge.

5. ____Locate the speaker’s shift in attitude and mark it with a star.

6. ____Describe the attitude of the speaker in different places in the poem in the margin on page 92.

7. ____How does the poem end? Paraphrase the last two lines somewhere on page 92. 

8. ____Then Visualize the two-line increment assigned to your pair on a piece of paper. 

9. ____Sketch the chunk in the margin. 

10._____Create images that reflect important themes or ideas ( liken this to the images you create for triple vocab.!)

  • translate in your own words 

******We will present a “modern version” of each stanza on a big piece of paper for the front of the room(that means you will combine your group of two with another group of two to do this at your desks and then tape these on the front white board in a sequential order.

Have a good weekend !!!!

Activity 2.4 (page 94 Springboard) vocabulary in the textbook and read page 95. Read  The Catcher in the Rye and Stargirl. 

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