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Jan. 9, 10, 11/Unit 1 Embedded Assessment #2: Creating an Ad Campaign for a Novel

Essential Question: What skill or knowledge is reflected in your two media genre projects? 

Do Now: Turn in your Of Mice and Men book---Place in the box. Sign out a new novel to be started during sustained silent reading during block days. 

Get into your groups. Make sure you have forwarded via email to the teacher your ad presentation. Make sure you have your print ad---poster in hand. Together, on paper, create a short introduction that one of your group members will read to the whole group before showing your ad presentation and your poster.

The introduction should answer the following about both your group’s  media genres?

1. Who is in your group?

2. What images, quotes or paraphrases were drawn from the novel Of Mice and Men by your group and put into our projects. Why?

3. What is your slogan? Explain its meaning.

4. Explain the challenges of this project for your group.

PEER EVALUATION FEEDBACK FORM ( Write your responses on the loose-leaf provided; make sure you indicate each group number and each question number). A 1-5 scale for these questions is used; 5 is the best and 1 is the lowest score and means doesn’t meet the requirement. Respond to each group with the same questions.

Group 1, 2, 3, & 5 
  1. Presenter(s’) names:
  2. The group has provided information about the book that appeals and could stimulate curiosity among prospective buyers/readers?
1 2 3 4 5
  1. The group has used advertising techniques that motivate an audience to buy the book?
1 2 3 4 5
Which advertising techniques?
  1. The group has used rhetorical appeals to persuade me to read the book?

Summarization: Revision

For those of you who have not completed the four paragraph summarization of your projects, we will use class time to finish these.

The summarization should include a formal introductory paragraph. This would include a controlling idea /thesis statement. 
For example:
In creating our group’s response to the embedded assessment we completed a print ad and ad presentation for John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men.

Additional sentences in your introduction might include:

Working in a group way a challenge for our group members, but we were able to divide the tasks and complete them.

Creating the ad presentation was perhaps the most difficult because we had to produce digital versions of everything we used. 

Our poster was also challenging because unlike our past project we had to produce all the content on the computer and then print it and paste it to a cardboard support.

The following are summarizations ( Body Paragraphs 2 [Print Ad ] and 3 [Ad Presentation or Interview with the Author]) of our two media genres as an advertising campaign for Of Mice and Men with insights into the images we used, the slogans we created, and our use of advertising techniques and rhetorical appeals introduced in Unit 1.

Concluding Paragraph:
Restate the controlling idea
Restate highlights from Body Paragraphs 2 and 3.

Write some responses to the following ( as a Pages document):

“An important aspect of growing as a learner is to reflect on where you have been, what you have accomplished , what helped you to learn, and how you will apply your new knowledge in the future.” 

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