Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Of Mice and Men Literature Circle: Art Director

Novel____________________________Author___________________Pages: 74, 76, 91, 96, 104-106
Art  Director
Essential Question: What can we use from the novel for an ad campaign?
Group Members_________________________________________________

Illustrator: You illustrate images from the pages listed above. Illustrating a particular scene or dialogue from the novel might be an important element to your ad campaign. With your group members discuss and list the visual details of a scene or scenes. It can be a sketch, cartoon, or stick-figure scene. You might use this particular staff to come up with part of your storyboard for one of the media genres. You can draw a picture or series of pictures of something that’s discussed specifically in the novel, or something that the reading reminded you of, or pictures that convey an idea or feeling you get from the reading. Another idea you might explore as the illustrator is how a particular passage on the pages above would look in 2013 as opposed to the 1930s. Could this story be set in our time? How might that look ( you might draw some general images and write in words some additional specific details). Make your drawings on this side and the other side: fill the blank space.
Be prepared to show the whole group your illustrations and highlight them.   


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