Monday, January 7, 2013

January 7, 2013, Project Workshop, Embedded Assessment #2

January 7, 2013, Project Workshop, Embedded Assessment #2

Make sure you are consulting the Embedded Assessment #2 requirements handout ( 2-page packet or online at:

Essential Question: What can we use from the novel OF MICE AND MEN for our ad campaign to sell it to an audience? 

Do Now (5 minutes): Get into your groups. Discuss your accomplishments during our last class. Each write an answer to the following to turn in on a half piece of paper provided and share in a whole class group:

1. What is your small group name?

2. What specifically from the novel are you using in your campaign?

3. What advertising technique(s) are you using for your project?

4. What rhetorical appeal(s) are you using in your project? 

As a strategy for pacing ourselves and using our time effectively, designate a group member to report back to the whole group on your progress. Every ten minutes a group will share the details of their two media genres in their current state of completion.

Revision and Refinement

For the purpose of your print advertisement you will use the poster board provided. All the text and illustrations should be computer generated, printed and glued to the support. 

For your ad presentation, you can either choose to create a video using the iMovie software  or create a slide presentation. There should be a soundtrack, but do not make it  the main focus of your energies for this project. The visual part of the presentation will be most important. Include:

  1. Slogan ( this might be spoken as well as superimposed text on this presentation.
  2. Title and Author
  3. A presentation of some story elements which act as a teaser to the potential buyer
  4. How does this appeal to a specific audience? Answer this question is your summary.
  5. Price/ where to buy this?
  6. Rhetorical appeal?
  7. Advertising technique?
Due Dates:

___Springboard textbook check: Monday, Jan. 7

___There will be academic support tomorrow (2:30-3:30) for those missing assignments this trimester. Those who want to work on their project are welcome!

____The completed embedded assessment #2 is due Wednesday,January 9. That must include the following stapled together:

Check these as you complete and before you submit your group’s work on Wednesday.

  1. Literature Circle work for each group member ______
  2. First draft storyboard ____ 
  3. First draft summary of specific details of your two media genres
  4. Rough sketch print ad..
  5. Completed summary explaining your two completed media genres.
  6. Completed print ad on poster board that was provided.
  7. Completed video/slide show ad presentation submitted via email to

Good work so far!!!

On Wednesday, we will begin our new independent reading---another novel!

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