Thursday, January 10, 2013

Jan. 10/11; Reflecting on Unit 1

Essential Question:
How has our thinking about the knowledge and skills presented in Unit 1 progressed?

Do Now: 
Last night, you were to think about the following quote:

“An important aspect of growing as a learner is to reflect on where you have been, what you have accomplished , what helped you to learn, and how you will apply your new knowledge in the future.” 

What do you think it means? How does this statement specifically apply to you in regard to Unit 1? in general?  Be prepared ( write your thoughts down ) to share in a whole group discussion.

Metacognitive- Literally “big” thinking. Thinking about thinking. 

On a daily basis we have examined “essential questions” connected with Unit 1. Our response to these questions may not have initially been complete. After completing our second embedded assessment and putting the knowledge and skills of Unit One into practice, we are now going to reflect on how our thinking about concepts like rhetorical appeals, new vocabulary, coming of age, advertising techniques, graphic organizers, writing strategies, formal essay writing, grammar and other elements addressed has progressed, and they have, since September. 

Use the following questions to guide your thinking and to identify evidence of your learning:

Answer each question with 2-3 complete sentences. You might even use compound sentences in your response to each!

Thinking about thinking---the metacognitive 

  1. Using specific examples from the unit, respond to these Essential Questions:

Thinking about Concepts

  1. What does it mean to “come of age” ?
  2. How are rhetorical appeals used to influence an audience?

  1. Consider the new academic vocabulary from this unit ( Voice, Advertising Techniques, Rhetorical Appeals), select 2-3 terms, and answer the following questions:

  1. What was your understanding of the term before you completed this unit?
  2. How has your understanding of each of these terms evolved throughout the unit?
  3. How will you apply your understanding in the future?

Thinking about Connections

  1. Think about all the projects you have created since September in this class. Choose those that most reflect your growth or increase in understanding. 

  1. For each project you choose, record, respond to, and reflect on your thinking and understanding, using the following as a guide. Identify in writing specifics and explain your choices. 

  1. What skill knowledge does the project reflect, and how did you learn this skill/knowledge?

  1. How did your understanding of the power of language expand through your engagement with this project?

c.How might you apply this skill or knowledge in the future?  

Begin our novel (Read pgs. 1-35 for Monday)

Also, for homework, create a character profile of the narrator in writing. Use the following to guide your response.

Who is this guy? Identify age, behavior, and experiences.

How do you think he connects with the theme of “coming of age”?

How does he connect with teenagers like yourself or others you know?

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