Thursday, January 3, 2013

January 3/4 Block Day: Creating a Rough Draft for Two Media Genres for the Purpose of Our Ad Campaign for the Novel Of Mice and Men!

Essential Question: What can we use from the novel Of Mice and Men for our advertising campaign?

Do Now: Think about one thing you learned during the vacation and are willing to share. Think about one idea from Of Mice and Men that is the first thing you think of when the novel is discussed. 

Our Group Plan ( Rough Draft : All responses must be in complete sentences)

Directions: Number a piece of lined paper and write out your answers to the following. Staple this lined paper to this worksheet along with the paper provided for the visual representations of your proposed ads. Keep this safe. Check each of the following as your group completes them on paper.

___1.Group members:__________________________________________________

___2. Group Name (?):____________________________________________

___3. After you review the rubric and description of the assessment (handout), check two media genres your group will use: 
_____Ad Presentation ( Live and Video)
_____Interview with an Author ( Live and Video)
_____Print Advertisement

___4. Audience: Identify the particulars of the audience you are selling this novel to:


___5. Conclusions from your in-class Literature Circle work

____Material from the Novel to Use: What were some key conclusions you made from your group discussion about Of Mice and Men  ? This could include an explanation of how a scene or scenes might satisfy the requirement for the ad campaign; for example, how might explain how a scene(s) connects to a particular advertising technique and a particular rhetorical appeal(s)?


____6. Heads Up: You might use celebrities or testimonials from people that read the book ( you might create those testimonials through a script)? Think about how we have seen advertisers sell other products. You should apply this prior knowledge to this task. 

___7. Describe in detail your choices of scenes, characters, and/or quotes/dialogue that you will use in your ad campaign and present with your two media genres?


___8. What, in particular, will you advertise about the novel Of Mice and Men? Particular characters, scenery, plot, imagery...? Finding one or two scenes from the novel might be the best way to give your audience a taste of the novel without letting them know exactly what happens---Don’t advertise the ending!

___9. Slogans/Jingles: Identify at least two slogans you are toying with. You might even come up with a music jingle--a refrain? Explain them. Explain how do you believe they connect with the novel and how do they connect with the audience?

___10. Story Board for Ad Presentation: Create a storyboard on the blank paper provided. Rulers available for creating the defining boxes. In addition to stick figures or other drawings you must include captions in words as well as dialogue bubbles ( like a graphic novel or comic book!).

Additionally, you should think about the prior assignment in which a videotaped skit was created. You are doing this again, but you will need to summarize the action you present, create an entire commercial skit to advertise the novel, which includes stage directions ( where will people stand, costumes, the setting and other details ). Maybe this also includes music (Don’t spend the whole time composing lyrics; this will only be a part of the presentation which is largely visual). 

Filming begins next week, or over the weekend? Ready on the set!

___11. Rough Sketch of Your Print Advertisement. For your rough draft you will draw and hand print, but for your final print advertisement you must create all the elements digitally ( including photo stills), print them and cut and paste them to a poster backing. Try to avoid lots of white, blank space in this advertisement ( color, images, and words---title of the book, author, slogan, quotes from the novel, rhetorical appeals, advertising appeals, and the other elements that are listed on the assignment requirements).

___12. Interview with the author: If you choose this media genre, there is a description included with the assignment ( embedded assessment handout). 

Get Started! Do your best work!

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