Wednesday, January 23, 2013

January 23, 2013, Unpacking Unit 2, KWL Chart, Creating a Poster That Highlights the Content and Expectations of Unit 2

Essential Question: What knowledge must you have to succeed on the embedded assessment for Unit 2?

l. Do Now: Refer to the handout from yesterday, Jan. 22. Re-create or create a KWL chart that  answers each of the following in two complete sentences for each: 

K = What I Know (from my review of Unit 2)?

W = What I want to know ( maybe about things like cinematic techniques and films)?

L = What I Learned ( from the Unit Overview, the Contents of Unit 2, Learning Focus, and my reading of Embedded Assessment #2 [ page 181...])?

Hand this in!

II. Rough Draft of Poster for Unit 2

Each student will hand in a rough draft but they will first partner up and synthesize their draft with another students to create one poster ( for the two of you).

Include the following features in your rough draft and the final draft ( an example is on the whiteboard for you to consult): 
  • Wow! Things that I think might be interesting to read, see, and examine in Unit 2

  • Whoa! Things I am not sure about, and that might be a bit of a challenge.

  • Embedded Assessment #2: You should review the requirements of “Writing a Style Analysis” What is that, what do I have to do, and what do I have to present in this assessment?

  • What is the Theme of Unit 2 ( this should be the title/at the top of the poster)?

  • What are some of the concepts we will explore in this unit ( Look at the vocabulary words for this unit that you were to define)? foreshadowing, irony, motif.... What else?

  • How does the content of Unit 2 connect to “College Readiness ( what are some of concepts in Unit 2 that might prepare you for college level work}” ( writing a style analysis, examining film...).
  • Who are the guys on the back of this paper? How do they fit into Unit 2? Maybe create a caricature of them.

Homework: Make sure you have read Stargirl, pages 55-75, or The Catcher in the Rye, pages 88-105. Do Activity 2.4 ( page 94). Make sure you have completed your Triple Vocabulary.  

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